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Retirement for Seniors

Retirement is one of life’s major turning points; financially, emotionally, and logistically, retirement involves a sea change in how we conduct our daily lives. Many of us eagerly anticipate our retirement; perhaps we already have some plans about how we’ll spend our newfound free time, and can’t wait to get started. Others may look forward with some consternation, unsure of how we’ll spend our time, how we’ll find fulfillment and a sense of identity apart from our careers. Still others don’t give retirement any thought at all until it suddenly arrives, as though out of the blue.

With this website, we hope to give readers some direction in how to approach retirement. There are so many different aspects of retirement to consider, it can seem overwhelming; where does one start? We have categorized several general retirement-related topics and provided useful articles that will answer your questions about a wide array of subjects. Be sure to bookmark this page, so you can return often when new questions arise.

Retirement Planning

Retiring with confidence requires careful planning; saving up enough money, for instance, is easiest if you start in your 20s, when retirement is still decades in the future. It may be difficult to fathom retirement even when you’re 50, to say nothing of 25, but our website will help you get an early start in terms of planning your finances, strategizing how and where you save money for retirement, how to plan for insurance and taxes, and how to look ahead if you’re planning to move to another location. If you plan ahead adequately, retirement can be a smooth transition from a comfortable working life to an even more comfortable life afterward.

Retirement Money Matters

Money matters, of course, are of primary importance, but often the most difficult to manage. It’s easier to spend money today than think about saving it for tomorrow, and once we have some investments, it’s easier to simply leave it where it is rather than shift it to accounts that will be more useful to us in retirement. We spend our working lives depending on a steady paycheck for our day-to-day expenses; in retirement, we’ll depend on a pension, income from savings, Social Security, or some combination of these resources. Getting the most of our nest eggs requires considerable planning. Our website will help you with specific advice, and also offer suggestions for finding a financial planner if you need outside help managing your finances.

Where to Retire?

One of the biggest decisions we’ll make, as far as quality of life is concerned, is where we choose to retire. In ages past, retirees would stay close to home, close to family and friends. In the mid-twentieth century, Americans began retiring in droves to warmer climates, moving from rust belt cities to Florida and, later, Arizona and other desert locations. Nowadays, anything goes; retirees focus more on what they want to do in retirement than on how warm and sunny it’s going to be outside. Retirement in Montana or North Dakota is no longer an outlandish idea. And more and more North Americans are retiring overseas; Europe is beyond many Americans’ budgets, but destinations in Central America, Southeast Asia, and elsewhere are drawing thousands of Americans as well as Europeans. Articles at this website offer many suggestions for the best retirement destinations.

Retirement Life Style

Living in retirement is a whole new ball game. How will you spend your time? As people worldwide are enjoying the fruits of advanced health care and cleaner environments, we are living longer and longer, and can anticipate 20 or 30 years of active life in retirement. Should we travel, go back to school, even go back to work, or just relax? What would it be like to live in an RV, or on a sailboat? The decision is personal, but we offer useful suggestions at this website to help you get the most out of your retirement.


Health issues become paramount especially later in retirement; inevitably, we’ll begin to slow down and need medical care. However, our website provides excellent advice on how to maintain your health — through exercise, a sensible diet, and healthy living habits. We can’t avoid the inevitable, but through healthy living we can enjoy longer and more satisfying lives.
Many seniors with health issues will greatly benefit from working with a company that offers in home care.


Insurance is another topic that many of us try to avoid, but retirement requires us to consider our various policies and make adjustments as necessary. We may no longer need term life insurance; if we’re going to travel, we may to purchase some kind of travel insurance. If we’re downsizing from a large single-family home to a smaller condominium, we’ll see considerable savings in home insurance. And our health insurance will require major adjustment, especially if we’re going to lose a company-based policy and will have to transition to private insurance or, eventually, Medicare. The helpful articles on our website provide plenty of good advice in this regard.

Social Security

Most Americans are eligible to receive Social Security, but when to start getting your benefits checks involves careful strategizing. You can receive full benefits if you begin getting checks at your full retirement date (in your mid-60s), but you can elect to start payments early, though your monthly check will be 20 percent less. Or, you can elect to put off receiving checks until you’re nearly 70 years old, with the benefit of getting bigger checks from that point on. How you wish to approach Social Security depends on your current needs, as well as on what other sources of income you may have.

Estate Planning

Estate planning is a broad topic that all retirees with any wealth to pass on must consider. Largely a matter of document preparation, estate planning enables you to manage end-of-life issues smoothly, and enables your heirs to inherit your assets as you intend, with a minimum of loss to taxes and the courts. Articles on our website help you plan your estate effectively.

Retiree in Thailand

I am not quite officially retired in Thailand just yet, but ‘soon’ will be. I have lived in Chiang Mai almost 30 yrs and I have worked most all of that time and I would have to say I have seen and done it all. I have attended big Thai funerals, weddings, house warming’s and early on I was a Buddhist monk for several months [now that was hard!]

Twenty-eight years ago I arrived via Bangkok from Seattle. It was a cool day in November and as I got off the plane I felt at home because it was drizzling lightly. I could have been in Seattle.

Retirement Planning

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