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Why Would You Want to Retire Abroad?

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Have you spent the whole of your working life in a country where you have not felt particularly happy? Do you feel as though you have put up with a number of negative factors in order to save enough money for your retirement, but now that you have the opportunity, you would like to consider spending your golden years in an entirely new country? There are many reasons why people decide to search for new experiences in exotic countries as part of their retirement and this article highlights the most prevalent.

The Cost of Living

This is a massive issue when it comes to people deciding to retire to another country. Many Western countries (especially Northern European and Australia) are ridiculously expensive nowadays, with continued austerity measures pushing up the cost of living in such places further and further beyond the average person’s means. Simply put, the retiree wants to ensure their pension and retirement income stretches as far as it possibly can, and this will mean having to investigate other countries in the world where the average cost of living is much cheaper than at home.

Retire Abroad

Retire Abroad


As I write this article, I can look out of my window onto a freezing cold garden that has had a good dose of overnight sleet, and the day ahead looks set to deliver even more dreary and cold weather—it is just so depressing! Northern Europe, and many parts of the United States, have climates that are dark and cold for much of the year. Here in the United Kingdom, for example, I can honestly say that we have not enjoyed a good summer for about 10 years now, and every winter seems to become colder and colder. Is it any surprise that many people feel compelled to flee their home country in search of much warmer and sunnier weather elsewhere?

Crime Rates

One of the worst features of a poorly-performing economy seems to be the fact that crime rates escalate in inverse proportion to prosperity. This makes perfect sense, but is of no comfort to people who may be looking forward to a future in a home country that seems likely to become more and more of a threat from crime. We want our retirement to be spent in a part of the world that is able to offer us real security and the last thing we want is to be nervously looking over our shoulder for the rest of our days. High crime rates are a significant factor in people upping sticks from their native country and moving abroad.

Escape the Hustle and Bustle for Exotic Locations

This fast paced world is an absolute nightmare for many people. As we get older, and move into our retirement years, the need to seek a more relaxed way of life becomes even more prevalent. This means we can leave the hustle and bustle of our home country far behind us and move to a country where they tend to do everything at their own pace and worry less about the mundane side of life. We can also do our utmost to find that new and exotic destination we always had our hearts set on. With all the time in the world available to us now, there is nothing to stop us from moving to a truly gorgeous part of the world.

The reasons a person chooses to leave their home country behind in favor of a new destination will always be very personal and individual, but you can virtually guarantee that at least a couple of the reasons for retirement above will feature somewhere in their final decision.

If you have decided to spend your retirement in another country, it is absolutely imperative for you to do copious amounts of your own research beforehand. Do not trust everything you read over the internet. You should visit the new country you have in mind as many times, and for as long, as you can. Nothing will ever replace the feel you get for a country by actually being there in person and this is the only way of ascertaining whether a destination is 100% right for you or not.

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