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Worst Places to Retire In The USA

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In this state, economic trends are characterized by high tax rates and high levels of unemployment. High tax rates will discourage any business activity as the profit level is minimal. For this reason, retirees intending to invest during this period will should be advised otherwise. In summary, retiring in this state will discourage any business plans and the living cost will also be very high.

Illinois Beach State Park Usa

Illinois Beach State Park Usa

Rhode Island

Rhode Island has quite a wide range of places that could be enjoyable to live. Such places include the coasts and bays characterized with interesting leisure schemes. However, this state is experiencing a serious economic crisis. It has serious budget deficits defined by poor medical facilities. In addition, anyone wanting to spend their retirement days in this state must be prepared for high income taxes.

Newport, Rhode Island, USA

Newport, Rhode Island, USA


This is also referred to as the green mountain state. This is a suitable place for retirement if one has a priority of skiing and playing golf. However, the climate in this region is very pretty cold; the temperatures are relatively low and not particularly comfortable especially for people who have acclimatized to relatively warmer temperature areas.
Also, this state is in the top ten lists of high cost of living as well as high income taxes. Investment returns are very low in this region.

Vermont Autumn

Green mountain,Vermont,USA


In this state, other earnings apart from those from the private sector has a flat tax rate. Consequently, the private sectors face high income tax rates thus posing an unfavorable environment for entrepreneurship. This will be a discouraging factor for any couples who intend to invest their retirement benefits.

Boston, Massachusetts, USA

Boston, Massachusetts, USA

New York

This state has the advantage of having low income taxes for its residents. In addition, they are exempted from social security and pensions. However, the property taxes and cost of living are very high. Thus, couples willing to retire in this region should be prepared for a high cost lifestyle.

Brooklyn Bridge and The Statue of Liberty  New York City

Brooklyn Bridge and
The Statue of Liberty,New York City


This state is characterized by high living standard, expensive leisure and high property taxes. Another factor to consider in this region is the climatic conditions. The region is faced by very low temperatures as well as very minimal sunlight hours. This will predispose those retiring in this region to low life expectancies and hence an unsuitable niche for older couples.

This region faces poor health facilities, as rated by the Quality Health Association. Another major issue to worry about this state is the frequency of hurricanes and storms. There is evidence of many boats being lost in the sandbars and the unstable lake waters. This will pose a great danger for those intending to retire in regions where sailing would take up most of their leisure.