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Wild Hogs – Why Motorcycles Are Great For Retirees

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Date : December 06,2013
By : Tricia Borren

In the past, most people, when retiring, sat around and watched the years go by as they aged. However, people now have options and a seemingly eternal youth. For this reason, many people well into their sixth or seventh decade still like to have fun and get out of the house to enjoy the company of others. When looking for a great retirement activity, a retiree should consider buying a motorcycle. Here are four benefits for a retired person who rides a motorcycle.

Wild Hogs - Why Motorcycles Are Great For Retirees


While it may not seem safe to some, motorcycle riding is not a dangerous activity. When riding sober, avoiding bad roads and wearing the correct safety gear, a rider will avoid most problems. In fact, it is just as safe as riding a bike or going for a drive. However, when faced with an accident, most people can still receive the compensation they deserve by finding a motorcycle accident lawyer. Remember, while it is a rare occurrence, a motorcycle owner must find a hardworking attorney when they are involved in a serious accident.


As people get older, they often see social circles shrink. While this is sad, it is the reality. To avoid this, a retiree should opt to take part in group activities. One such activity is motorcycle riding. When going out for a day ride, one can enjoy the company of plenty of like-minded people. In fact, many riders spend time with one another when doing fun activities not related to motorcycles.


Now, some may scoff at the idea, but motorcycle riding is not expensive. After paying for the bike, an owner will only have minimal monthly expenses. This is a cheaper activity than traveling or buying a second home. Simply put, a person on a fixed income can still live a nice life and own a new or used motorcycle that meets his or her needs.

Younger people

When retired, a man or woman will have a hard time connecting with younger people. With a motorcycle, one can, with ease, bridge that gap and have a fun time with their kids or grandkids. This is a significant advantage as most retirees like boring activities that young people do not enjoy. Remember, one way to bribe a kid or grandkid to hang out is to offer a motorcycle ride.

A motorcycle is a great investment for a retired person who wants to live his or her life and enjoy every day to the fullest.