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Where to Retire: At Home or Elsewhere?

Date : July 14,2015
By : Andrew Atkinson

Retirement is, for many, the last major step or change in life. It’s a very exciting one, too. Retirement is your big opportunity to reap the fruits of your labour, to live just for yourself once your children have grown and you no longer have an employer to dictate how days are spent.

Of course, where to retire is a very big decision. It’s what that you shouldn’t take lightly, which is why there are a few questions that you’ll need to ask yourself.

The place you live, a place you know or somewhere entirely new?

Many people choose to spend their retirement years in the location that they known and loved for years – their home town. Some enjoy the comfort of the home that holds many memories, whilst some might choose to move to new accommodation in the town that they know so well.

Alternatively, other people choose to live in a location that they’ve visited before – somewhere that they liked when visiting on holiday, or spent some time growing up. Your retirement years are an opportunity to live in a place that you love, but perhaps couldn’t live in before due to family or work commitments. You’ll already have a sense of the lifestyle that you could enjoy in your new home location, and will be likely to know some key places that will help you to feel at home.

If you’re happy to leave behind all that you know, join the many people that are choosing to up sticks and move to a brand new location. You’re able to retire to somewhere that you’ve never been before, exploring a brand new location and enjoying new sights. By moving somewhere completely new, you can almost start a whole new life when you start your retirement.

A home, an assisted living facility or a care home?
As well as thinking about your geographical location, think about the type of accommodation that you’re going to want to live in.

You can live in a private home – a house, apartment, or even a mobile home – with complete or partial independence. If you’re fit and healthy enough, living in your own home presents a valuable opportunity to make the most of your freedom. You can spend your time doing whatever you like, with no restrictions. If you require a little extra support then there are companies that provide care services in the home, allowing you to keep your independence whilst having a little extra help with cleaning, cooking and personal care, or medication reminders.

An assisted living facility will typically provide you with an apartment, room or house amongst other older people, so that you can all enjoy your retirement together. Social events may be organised and there are usually members of staff and carers that can check up on your regularly, providing extra peace of mind. By retiring to an assisted
living facility you’ll be able to retain some independence whilst enjoying some of the benefits of a care home.

Care homes themselves are another option, with 24/7 care and support along with many other people to talk to. These are the better option for people that require additional help with personal care and medical care, and would like an active social life with plenty of excursions, events and activities.

Which you choose is up to you, and is a decision best made with the support and help of your loved one.

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