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What Can Cause Your SSD Benefits To Get Terminated

Date : Mar 04,2014
By : Jaden Sanders

The social security disability frauds are possible hazards, for a smooth functioning society. The government of the United States is therefore very strict when it comes to administering these benefits. There are several factors that can cause one to lose their SSD benefits, read this article to find out what could cause cessation of your disability payment checks.

Upon resuming gainful employment

Social security defines disability as the inability to work due to medical reasons. Therefore resuming work or working when receiving these benefits can lead to the cessation of the contract. If you are receiving SSDI you are allowed a trial period of 9 months to experiment with different jobs while still enjoying your disability benefits. This 9 month period need not be consecutive. Once an individual exhaust their 9 month trial work period then they’ll no longer receive their check (that is they find a job paying them more than $1,040 per month).

If value of assets and income exceed threshold

A typical social security disability contract may be rendered null and void if the holder’s income or assets exceed the eligibility level. The SSI eligibility level was set at $721 p.m. in 2014 for income and $2000 in value of assets. It is worth noting that not all income counts toward this threshold. In some instances, the income of the spouse may be computed as part of the SSI beneficiary income. Other reasons for termination that are tied to this sub-heading include:

*Free food and shelter

The SSA treats free food and shelter that is provided under a person’s income in determining eligibility for benefits. If one begins to receive free housing and food (from someone else or institution), then the SSA will calculate a portion of its value and term it as income. This will act to reduce the benefits.

*Parental Income

If the parent to a minor receives an income, the SSA will consider this in its calculation of the benefits to be received by the minor. The more the income the parents receive the smaller the benefits the minor may receive in terms of social security payments.

Improvement in health

Social security disability benefits are meant for people who cannot engage in gainful employment due to specified medical conditions. Therefore, if the beneficiary’s health improves, that would lead to cessation of benefits. The SSA arrives to the determination that one’s health has improved through a process called the Continuing Disability Review (CDR).
A notice is mailed to all people who are selected to undergo a CDR.

During the CDR process, a disability claims examiner will ask you to provide your medical information which is used as a basis to tell if you’ve improved or not. If this examination does not find medical improvement, the CDR file is closed and you’re allowed to continue receiving your benefits. However, if it is found that your condition has improved and that you are fit to go back to gainful employment, you may no longer receive your checks.

The good thing is that the CDR’s ruling isn’t final as you can always appeal within 60 days. At the appellate hearing, you can present additional witnesses and evidence to prove that your medical condition hasn’t improved. CDR exams are normally scheduled every 3 or 7 years, depending on the severity of one’s condition and their prospects of experiencing medical improvement.

Disabled minor turning 18

Minors who have been receiving SSI will have their eligibility re-assessed after turning 18. Depending on the SSA’s report, sometimes the beneficiary could be removed from the list of people supposed to benefit from SSI checks. Benefits will certainly be continued if it is proven that the person meets the adult standards of disability. A decision to stop one from benefitting from disability payments may be appealed if one feels dissatisfied with the SSI ruling.

When one reaches retirement age

When an SSI recipient reaches retirement age, they are automatically eligible to receive social security retirement benefits. Since one cannot receive both SSD and SSR benefits at the same time, the former is ceased to allow for the later to take over. So the SSI recipient will start receiving payments under the SSR benefits program as opposed to SSD. It is worth noting that all earnings during the month one reaches retirement age will not in any way affect your SSR benefit amount.

In case of death

If the beneficiary dies then both SSI and SSDI benefits will be terminated. If one however leaves behind a spouse and children who depended on his/her income to survive, then survivor benefits may be available. This is known as the Social Security Survivors Benefit of a Disabled Worker.

When living situation changes

If the beneficiary changes his/her way of living e.g by entering a nursing home of halfway house, then the SSI may terminate their payments. But this isn’t always the case. If for instance you can demonstrate to the SSI that you’ll be institutionalized for a period not exceeding 90 days then your benefits may continue. Besides that, if the disabled person leaves the US for a period exceeding 30 days, the SSI benefits may be terminated. It is imperative to notify the Social Security secretariat of your changed living condition as soon as you possibly can.

If the beneficiary is Incarcerated

If one is confined to a prison or any other correction facility after being proven guilty for a crime, then your disability benefits will be terminated for the period of incarceration. Additionally, a felony conviction may be used as a basis of terminating one’s benefits. Anyone who is incarcerated for more than 12 months in a row will need to make a fresh application for benefits once they are released from the penal facility.

Way forward

The Social Security law has numerous provisions. Changes are introduced from time to time. New clauses are introduced and deleted from time to time as well. Due to the complex nature of determining SSI eligibility, it is always advisable to seek the assistance of an experienced Social Security Lawyers when interpreting your eligibility. The few tips discussed above are simply meant to give you some knowledge on what will cause your social security disability benefits to stop.

Author Bio :
Jaden Sanders is a blogger and likes to write on various topics related to law . He shares tips to successfully handle social security law issues.