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Top Five Places That Are Spectacular For Retirement

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Date : Feb 07,2014
By : Hannah Whittenly

When people choose their ideal retirement location, they consider a number of factors. Since retirees often combine a fixed income with a large amount of free time, retirement choices need to balance costs and entertainment options. However, everybody has different tastes regarding how they spend their free time. This makes choosing the perfect retirement spot a uniquely individual experience. Here are five of the top choices for retirement locations that could appeal to a wide range of tastes.


Texas combines unique scenery with a low cost of living. There are quite a few locations in Texas where retirees can achieve a high quality lifestyle on a fixed budget, yet maintain proximity to desirable locations. Also, there are quite a few suburban areas that offer access to rich cultural and entertainment options. When combined with a warm climate, Texas is often a top choice for many retirees.


For people that would enjoy a combination of culture and seasonal sports, Utah is an increasingly common choice. With a peaceful setting that Utah homes and communities can offer, it compliments the outdoor scene that so many people are looking for. Home to Sundance, the world-renowned independent film festival, Utah provides culture combined with a beautiful and diverse landscape.

North Carolina

Many retirees have a difficult time settling on a specific setting for their retirement. North Carolina is unique in that it offers proximity to both beaches and mountain regions. Boasting a low housing cost requirement and a comfortable climate, North Carolina is an increasingly common choice for retirees.


Often a mainstay for retirees, Florida is the original location for people who desire an almost tropical climate with a low cost of living. With a tremendous amount of coastal real estate, Florida offers discerning retirees an opportunity to find the perfect coastal location on a fixed income.


Nothing can compare to the excitement of a college town during football season. For retirees looking to become part of an established, exciting culture, Alabama offers a number of locations that provide access to the opportunities presented by an established college town.

While the challenge of finding an attractive place to live on a budget can be significant, there are quite a few places where retirees can find everything that they’re looking for. These five choices prove that climate, entertainment and great living conditions can be had at any price point.