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Top 5 Caribbean Islands to Retire to

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Planning the place in which you would like to retire to can prove to be a very daunting prospect! After all, with the entire world at your disposal and people all claiming that a certain part of the planet is the best, you can be left with more than a little bit of a headache. So, if you are looking for pretty much year-round sunshine and warmth; a relaxed and quiet way-of-life, and exceptionally friendly neighbors, you should definitely check out the top 5 Caribbean islands to retire to.
Of course, with so many islands in the gorgeous Caribbean region to choose from, many people will have different opinions as to which make the best for retirees. Within this article we really have tried to weigh-up the pros and cons for every destination and the results are presented for you here. This list will have taken factors into account such as the natural beauty of the island, the tranquillity and relaxed lifestyle, the cost of living and the crime rates etc. for you.


First on the list of the top 5 Caribbean islands to retire to simply has to be the gorgeous tiny island of Aruba, which lies only a stone’s throw north of the South American mainland. If you have ever been lucky enough to venture to this part of the Caribbean, you will know how Aruba is like a little taste of The Netherlands, but in far more abundant warmth and sunshine. The capital of this mere 20-mile-long island is Oranjestad: a town where you are greeted by historic and colorful buildings and an area that actually comes under the jurisdiction of the Dutch—meaning that Aruba is much more liberal and tolerant than many other Caribbean nations. The beaches here are absolutely fantastic, too! In fact, some, especially on the island’s West coast, have been ranked as being some of the very best in the whole world.


As far as tourism in the Caribbean is concerned, Barbados is definitely one of the very busiest. The main resorts on the island are busy and popular year-round and as tourism is so diverse here, there is always an area that will suit your exact requirements and preferences perfectly. Choosing to retire to Barbados will be ideal for those people who would prefer to be surrounded by plenty of life and you need never feel bored when living on this island. Fantastic beaches await you on Barbados, along with quaint and historic fishing villages and towns. The capital, Bridgetown, is also one of the most compact in the whole of the Caribbean and offers the tourist or full-time inhabitant absolutely everything they could ever need.

St. Kitts

It is fair to say that in many ways St. Kitts is the absolute antithesis of Barbados: it is much quieter and the vast majority of people looking to retire here will do so in order to enjoy real peace and tranquillity in later life. Nevertheless, the island does still offer you plenty to get involved in and the capital, Basseterre, is renowned for being particularly charming. It is also well worth noting that this tiny nation’s other main island of Nevis should be investigated at the same time.

Aruba Island

Aruba Island

St. Lucia

The gem that is St. Lucia simply has to be appear on a list of the top 5 Caribbean islands to retire to. It is definitely even more beautiful and interesting that many of the other islands that surround it: what with its mountainous landscapes and immensely beautiful rainforests in the interior. There are a number of towns and resorts to consider settling in and many of these are conveniently close to the island’s capital of Castries. As with all other suggestions on this list, crime rates are at a reasonable level and the average cost of living should prove to be realistic for retirees.

Turks and Caicos islands.

Turks and Caicos islands

Turks and Caicos

The islands of Turks and Caicos are a destination that should certainly be considered for retirement. Again, they offer uninterrupted peace, beauty and tranquillity—if that’s what you’re looking for; but they also have all the facilities and amenities close to hand to turn to when you want them. Turks and Caicos are just about as close to the idea of paradise as you are ever likely to find: picture honey-hued sands lapped by the azure-blue waters of the Caribbean Sea, with palm trees swaying lazily in the background, and you have conjured-up a perfect picture for what these fantastic islands offer.
Of course, the top 5 Caribbean islands to retire to on this list are all based on opinion. There are many others within the region which can offer pretty much the same as these choices—it is all a matter of personal taste. However, the suggestions above are amongst the safest options when all aspects of life for both single retirees and couples have been taken into account.