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Tips For Seniors To Stay Independent At Home Without Worrying Family Members

Date : Jan 30,2015
By : Anita Ginsburg

When adults enter into their later years, many of their family members begin to worry about their well-being. They might feel as though a slip or fall could be fatal, or they fear that their parent or grandparent may accidentally leave the stove on. Seniors can calm their family’s fears while still maintaining a sense of independence.

At-Home Care

Working with in-home care providers is an excellent way to continue living in your own space, but to still have the help that you need. The exact level of in-home care is going to depend upon your own health and ability. For example, if you are seriously ill and have trouble getting from room to room, you may require around the clock assistance. For others, a visit a few times a week from a provider to bring you to the store may be enough.

Tips For Seniors To Stay Independent At Home Without Worrying Family Members

Let Your Family Help You

When the roads are icy and the snow is falling, your children might be practically begging you to let them drive you to the supermarket. Know what your limitations are instead of constantly telling them that you can handle it by yourself. Willingness to give up a little control provides them with peace of mind and gives you safety and quality time with your children.

Check in with Them

Back when your children were young, you probably asked them to check in with you when they were out for hours or days at a time. Now is the time to return the favor. Send them a text message every few hours when you’re in the middle of a bad storm, or give your kids a ring every few days just to chat and catch up.

First-Floor Living

Your family members might be worried that you are going to get injured when you’re climbing up and down the stairs. If you have a bedroom and a bathroom on the first floor of your house, consider moving your sleeping and bathing activities down there. Instead of having to climb the steps each day, you can have all that you need located on one floor.

Emergency-Alert Systems

All different types of systems are available to help seniors have more security at home, so don’t be afraid to take advantage of them. For example, you could have a system set up where all you need to do is push a button if you are in trouble, and help will be on the way.

Home Security Issues

Your family might also be worried about security at home. Let them know that you are staying on top of the situation by not answering the door when you are home alone, installing a security camera and never letting the house look like it is empty.

When you’re willing to be more receptive to your loved one’s feelings, you’ll likely notice that some of the tensions between you start to vanish.

Informational credit to Connecting Hearts Home Care.