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Tips for Seniors to Beat the Heat

Date : June 08,2013
By : Elena Watson

There are lots of things to love about summertime: the warm weather, the longer days, the ability to spend time outdoors. As a senior, you can enjoy all of these things and more, but it’s important to exercise a little extra care to keep yourself safe and healthy this summer.

As you grow older, the biggest risk to your health in the summertime is heatstroke. This is because when you reach a certain age your body becomes less able to regulate temperatures, and becomes more likely to overheat. In order to avoid this, it’s important to be aware of your surroundings. When the temperature outside climbs to 90 degrees or above, it’s usually a good idea to stay inside, or at least to take precautions if you’re going out. So what can you do to protect yourself if you’re going outside?

Tip for seniors to beat the heat

Tips for Seniors to Beat the Heat

Stay in the shadeTry to spend as much time as possible away from that blazing summer sunshine, and if you can, make frequent stops indoors. Remember to take it slow when you’re outside, since too much exertion will only make you feel hotter.

Keep hydrated Throughout the day, be sure to keep drinking plenty of fluids, (but stay away from sugary sodas, caffeine and alcohol.) If you can, try to drink at least three quars or juice during the day. This will keep you from becoming dehydrated, which can make you more susceptible to heat exhaustion and heat stroke.

Dress for the heat Clothes in dark colors, particularly black, are heat absorbers and can make you feel even hotter than you already are. In order to keep from cooking in your clothing, wear light fabrics such as linen or cotton, and keep your color palette light. Open-toed shoes or sandals will keep your feet cool, and a broad sunhat will help keep some of those blinding rays off your face. A pair of dark sunglasses and plenty of sunscreen will also get the job done.

Cool down your home Even when you aren’t spending time outside, the summer heat can still be difficult to handle. If your house doesn’t have air conditioning, it’s a good idea to invest in some large fans, as well as a handheld one with a spritzer to keep your face cool. During the nighttime, leave as many doors and windows open as you can to let in the cool air. Then when the sun comes up the next day, make sure they’re all tightly closed to seal that coolness in.

Summer is a great time to relax, either inside or outside, so feel free to kick back in the shade with a cool drink and just take it easy. And keep in mind that no matter how hot it feels now, fall will be here sooner than you know it!

About the Author: Elena Watson

Elena Watson is a blogger for and a student at Bard College. She spends her time researching and writing about health care, particularly child and senior health issues.