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The Motivational Power of Plants in Senior Years

Date : Dec 16,2014
By : Kate Flannery

The best feeling in the world is that first day of spring when you sit on the park bench smelling flowers and enjoying warm and sunny afternoon. You look at those flowers as something that is only beautiful and serves a kind of an esthetic purpose, with their soothing smell that fills the room when we put it in a crystalvase. While you are looking at it, a light smile appears on your face, and your heart fills with a little bit of happiness. But have you ever stop to think why they have such strong influence?Many other questions might arise, like why do we buy flowers to someone we love when we want to make them feel better?Or when we want to make up for something wrong we did? It is usually men who appear at the door with a bouquet of red roses, sometimes accompanied with a box of chocolate.

Science did research on why we eat chocolate when we are sad, and the explanation is that it has a great influence on our dopamine levels, and the fact is that only after a few bars we already feel a bit different. Lately, they have tried to give the scientific explanation for flowers too and they have come to a conclusion that they actually have a significant effect on our mood.

They say that having a basket of welcomingtulips or hydrangea or hydrangea in the room can immediately improve our mental state and significantly help fight back depression on a daily basis.

But not only young women should be entitled to receiving flowers and we should think about the elderly too – both men and women. As they get older, people have to deal with their own mortality, and deteriorating health. Too often they start giving up on their youthful hobbies – opting to stay still and comfortable in their armchairs all day, and do nothing morethanlive vicariously through the life of TV show characters rather than living their own. Age brings a level of stress with it.

To avoid resorting to medicine immediately, it is always better to look for a more natural way to solvehealth-related problems. Psychologist have done a research on what kind of effect flowers have on people’s mood, especially with elderly. The results showed that seniors who received flowers on a daily basis were much happier and more satisfied with the period of life they were in, than the ones who did not. It also had great influence on their social life – they started hanging out with people outside their close circle of friends and family, proving that flowers improve their social skills. And finally, one of the most important influences concerns the memory of the elderly. We all know that our grandparents have problems coping with the basic tasks that have long been a part of their daily routine, such as when they go to the supermarket, and they find they have forgotten what they wanted to buy. Coming into regular contact with flowers triggers improvement in seniors’ memory in a way, and they manage to complete their everyday errands effortlessly.

So we see that there is a greater purpose to flowers than just for expressing love and affection for someone. They can have a great influence on our feelings, and even more so on our mood, meaning they are a worthwhile contribution to the better mental state and social skills of seniors.