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The Healing Power of Pets for Elderly People

Date : Feb 26,2015
By : Melissa Stevens

Mature age is the time when people are pretty much done with their life duties and have more free time. Elderly have already raised their children, built their houses, and worked very hard in order to leave something behind. Now it is time for fishing, traveling, spending fun time with grandchildren, just enjoying and focusing on themselves. But the real question is – what to do in the meantime? The quality of life depends on your ability to move as much as you can. The life dynamics is what makes people feel alive and well.

Finding new obligations
Personal happiness does not only depend on your inner peace, but on your environment too. Therefore, if you are alone or you feel that way, you have to find a new life companion. Animals can bring you the answer you were looking for. Conversations are overrated 🙂 Sometimes, all you need is a joyful companion which will follow you everywhere you go. No matter if it is spraying fruit trees in your garden or taking a simple walk through the neighborhood, it will be more interesting with your dog, cat or even a ferret.

The Healing Power of Pets for Elderly People
Different pets for different people
It is proven that cats can reduce your blood pressure and make you calmer while they are purring on your chests. They are perfect animals for bigger groups of people (for instance – homes for elderly), because their presence should reduce stress and bring harmony to the facility. On the other hand – dogs tend to observe the life straight forward, not worrying about the past or the future. They can help you forget about the time. Perhaps you will learn from them to live for the present moment, finding the happiness in simple things like food, flowers or a sunny day. Do you want to see some real action? Ferrets behave like babies who never grow up – they will surely make you smile at their games. In addition – if you just want to hear a famous ‘Polly wants a cracker’, get yourself a talking bird. As you can see, pets are not only good for your psychology but also for increasing your energy flow.

They will make your life better
First of all, pets need a lot of care, love and attention. This will give your day a new purpose and stimulate your mind to be more active and focused on something new. Training your dog or creating a feeding schedule is something which will make you memorize more things at once. Exercise comes next. Your perky pet friend will encourage you to take long daily walks which will eventually become a routine. Carrying out of a living being is a two way street – you give your pets warm place to live and a little food and you’ll get love and companionship in return. There’s no man on Earth who can still feel depressede after feeling animal’s gratitude. You will easily see it in their eyes after cuddling.

Act responsibly
Your pet makes you healthier so you must treat it at the same way. There are several things which you have to consider before you get yourself a pet. What do think – which animal will fit your lifestyle best? If it’s a dog for example, you have to provide conditions for having a dog. If you are not comfortable with taking it inside, you can make a dog house for summer. During cold winter days you can spread an old blanket in your shed. Otherwise, if you are ready to make it a new family member, you should check out for some dog cosmetics, worming tablets (against fleas, ticks and worms) or different accessories (cans, leashes etc.). Remember, pet is a reflection of its master’s behavior.

To conclude, many studies have shown that elderly people with pets rarely go to doctors. They also feel much more energized; they move a lot and feel more secured in their homes. If you are looking for a way to improve the quality of your life, get yourself a pet and we are almost sure that you won’t regret it for the rest of your life.