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The Golden Years: 6 Tips To Stay Healthy and Active Over 60

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Date : November 27,2013
By : Hannah Whittenly

As people age, the precautions they take to maintain health become even more important. Good nutrition, exercise and proper medical care can make your older years some of the best years of your life. A few tips will help you to enjoy these years to their fullest.

Eat Longevity Foods

Eat only lean meats, and avoid saturated fats that can clog arteries. Foods rich in omega-3 fatty acids, such as olive oil, fish and nuts support the heart and blood vessels. Avoid processed foods that are high in fat and salt. Eat whole grains, and take a pass on refined sugar. At least 2 cups of fruit and 2-1/2 cups of vegetables each day will help provide the vitamins and antioxidants you need to stay well nourished.

Exercise Regularly

Every body needs regular exercise to keep muscles strong, joints functioning smoothly and cardiovascular system in prime condition. Pace your exercise regime to your age, avoiding strains and other injuries. Walking is an exercise you can do any time. Bicycling is a good way to get both exercise and fresh air for better breathing.

Get Regular Medical Care

See your doctor regularly for checkups. If you have a medical condition, take the appropriate medications as your doctor prescribes. If you experience side effects, talk to your doctor about a change in medication.

Schedule Regular Dental Care

See your dentist twice a year for tooth cleaning. If you have dental problems, have them treated to help you enjoy your food and maintain good nutrition. Keeping good care of your oral health can also translate into your overall health.

Manage Your Stress

Family problems, money issues and fears about the future can affect physical and mental well-being and take away from enjoyment of life. If you are a religious person, find solace in the practice of your faith and the fellowship of others at your church. If you are of a more secular nature, consider learning yoga or meditation to calm your emotions and improve your outlook.

Stay Involved

Socialize, volunteer, attend cultural events or engage in favorite hobbies. Everything you do helps to improve the health of your body and your mind. Take up a new interest such as learning a new language or a sport. Find new ways to engage in the world to inspire your spirit and keep your body moving.
Following these 6 tips can go a long way to helping you to stay fit and healthy so that you can enjoy your golden years to the fullest.