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The fountain of youth – How to keep your spirit young when you retire

Date : Jan 16,2015
By : Melissa Stevens

Growing old is mandatory, but growing up is optional, as the old saying goes. This may sound all too frivolous to anyone who has seen their share of the modern stress-packed world, but still – the fact that age inevitably goes up does not mean that your spirit has to come down and settle with the dreary everyday routines for good. If you want to stay young in your soul, heart and mind, you’d better start today and we have the hows and whatwiths to achieve this without having to go through painstaking efforts or pretend to be something you’re not.

Keep smiling even when it doesn’t seem to be your day

Believe it or not,even a fake smile has its benefits! A simple smile can help relieve stress and make you feel way much better about yourself and the world even when you think there is have nothing to smile about. The world may seem unfair, cruel and glum place to be on days when nothing goes as you’d like it to, but you know that it is just for today. If you think positive and keep your moods up even when nothing seems to be going according to the plan, you’re more likely to attract the positive and turn it to your advantage. So put on a wide smile, keep smiling and never stop. Though the world may not be a candid camera, your mental attitude sure does count more than your age.

The fountain of youth – How to keep your spirit young when you retire

Take exercise and engage in playful activities

Fortune comes to those who work hard – and work out a sweat, as a matter of fact. If you regularly take exercise or engage in a sport, yoga or some mild workout, your body and mind is more likely to stay in good shape for years. Also, remember that one of the keys of keeping a childlike imagination and attitude to life is all about adventure, so use every possible opportunity to play. Try playing snooker, bowling, go to game arcade and try one of popular pinball machines or some other active game. It’s the game that counts, not the victory, so turn your days into a unique adventure and remember, it will help you keep your mood positive in the long run.

The fountain of youth – How to keep your spirit young1 when you retire

Eat fresh, socialize and enjoy the ride

A lot of health-related problems in mature age come from improper diet. And though a longer period of low quality food, defrosted or takeout meals will not go away overnight, it’s never too late to start over and show some care for your daily grub intake. You should eat lots of fresh fruits and veggies, pick lean instead of fatty meats and drink at least 7-8 glasses of water daily in a month or two, you’ll both see and feel the change in your energy level, as well as the state of skin, hair and general health. And to up the stakes just a bit, perhaps it would be a good idea to have meals with your friends and enjoy your spare time as much as possible with the ones you love the most because food on the plate is just plain food, and love, care and sharing are the food for your heart, mind and soul.

The fountain of youth – How to keep your spirit young when you retire

Don’t accept doing only what is expected from you. Your age may be increasing, but it doesn’t mean that your soul and heart need to go all faded and gloomy over time. Keep a positive attitude to life and remember to smile, eat healthy, play a lot and socialize with the people who love you, ageing will become a pleasure, not a loss. After all, it’s your ride.


Melissa Stevens is a blogger from Brisbane, mother of one cute boy, and in her spare time she is engaged in crafting, housekeeping, organizing family life. For some time now she writes articles with travel, DIY, parenting topics, and practical solutions for simpler and more convenient life.