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The Benefits of Buying in Kalkan, Turkey

Date : July 17,2014
By : Melissa Hathaway

The ideof buying in Turkey is appealing for many people looking for warmer weather. Choosing a precise location can be more problematic, but Kalkan has a lot to commend it.

Kalkan is located in the south-western corner of Turkey, so it immediately offers the benefits of being on the Lycian coast. Many people looking to buy property in Turkey (whether it is a holiday property or to live in full time) start by looking round the tourist areas. Kalkan doesn’t fit this mould, instead offering a relaxed side of the country that still has some stunning sights and features to take full advantage of. Tourists do come here but the town has yet to be discovered in the way some other popular destinations have been in Turkey.

For example Kaputas Beach is a delight, providing ample sands to enjoy as well as calmer waters through much of the year. However the practicalities of Kalkan tick many of the boxes required of those who wish to stay here for an extended period or live here. It is resplendent with many restaurants and bars, and there are some nice shops and a gym too.

Selecting a good property

Choosing the right Kalkan property can be challenging, but the prices are more than reasonable. Typical examples include apartments from around £80,000 each, with villas available from about half as much again. The proximity to the sea is nothing short of refreshing, so you have a good chance of finding a suitable property even on a small budget. Your money goes a lot further in this part of Turkey than it does in other parts of the world, particularly the UK.

The town also offers some peace and quiet through the winter months, as the level of tourism drops right off. It may not be ideal for those who love a busy feel to their lives 24/7, but for those that seek somewhere to relax and enjoy some calm, it does act as a serious contender for the top destination to buy in.

The pleasures of Kalkan

One of the most interesting things about the town is many people who come for the first time would be happy to revisit it at some point in the future. This is often how the decision to live abroad begins: visiting a location you particularly like and deciding to look for a property there.

Kalkan doesn’t meet the usual image of a tourist resort packed with people looking for cheap holidays filled with the three S’s. As a result this is perhaps one of the finer places you could choose if you want a property in Turkey that doesn’t feel as if it is only a holiday home. If you so choose, your Kalkan apartment, villa or townhouse could be a home from home – or your real home abroad. With services and facilities designed to serve the needs of a regular population as well as visiting holidaymakers, it might provide the perfect location for a new life.

Kaputas Beach, Kalkan, Turkey

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Kalkan, Turkey hills:

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