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Date : January 23,2014
By : Andrew Atkinson

It is widely recognised that a little gentle exercise of just a few minutes a day is good for your health, but what if aches and pains are making your walk feel more like an uphill struggle? Many people are not aware of the increasingly wide range of products that can help them to get active and fit, whilst keeping the irritations of minor injuries and ailments at bay.

In finding out more, a mobility store is a good place to start, the staff in your mobility store, or website, can give a lot of advice on the wide range of products available and many ways that products, such as sticks, rollators, scooters and frames can be mixed and matched to your specific needs.

One of the first concerns of people recognising the need for a little extra help in moving and walking is the taboo of actually using mobility aids. Again, many of these concerns can be quickly allayed by an experienced mobility specialist, as they can advise on the minor use of aids, only for key activities, such as outdoor walking or activities that involve minor lifting.
These days, there are many products that can improve mobility, without the necessity for unsightly gadgets and cumbersome equipment. An online search for mobility products can be a great help in identifying the sorts of product groups that can be of help for areas of concern, so that you can get specific information on the options available for the type of physical activity you want to undertake.

The mobility scooter has become much more recognised as a valuable mobility aid, with many people seeing theirincreasing use when on holiday, or when in larger retail premises. Although many will feel using a mobility scooter a step too far in terms of giving up walking, it can be a lot better than struggling along with great fatigue, which can often detract from an otherwise pleasant leisure experience.

Modern mobility scooters come in a variety of sizes and with a wide range of optional features. It is worth comparing these, and the relative prices before making a decision. Of course, it is always a good idea to trial a scooter before buying. Many outlets will also sell reconditioned models or offer a hire service, so it’s worth doing a bit of research.

If you only suffer from relatively minor complaints, such as a little arthritis in the knees when walking on a cold day, then there are a wide range of knee and ankle supports available on the market to help make your walking both more comfortable and more enjoyable.

Exercise and movement, even if it’s just a few minutes of walking every day, can be greatly beneficial and the indirect benefit can be better mood and increased motivation. If any mobility issue affects that ability or enjoyment, it may well be worth the effort to get some advice from a mobility expert.

Mobility Smart is an online retailer of thousands of mobility products supplying the whole of the UK, as well as to public and private bodies. The website can be found at