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Six Tips for Staying Mobile in Retirement | Retirement for Seniors
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Six Tips for Staying Mobile in Retirement

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Date : December 28,2013
By : Marlena Stoddard

While we all dream of retirement and all of the relaxation it entails, logistically, most retirees desire to stay active and mobile during their golden years. Whether it’s taking classes at the community center or going for leisurely walks in new places, retirees have plenty of out-of-the-box options for staying active and fit during these years.

DIY Landscaping

Most retirees own a home and have struggled throughout the years with balancing their hectic work schedules while maintaining an impeccably groomed yard. With retirement, there is generally an unlimited amount of free time, perfect for catching up on and maintaining a lush green lawn and a vividly colorful garden.

Six Tips for Staying Mobile in Retirement


Traveling locally is a great way to get out and get away from home but not invest most of your budget in travel expenses. Consider a “staycation”, heading out for a day or two to check out the local tourist attractions you’ve never had time to see before. Check out the Sierra Club, which offers guided outings for people of all ages, often for cheap or even for free.


It’s never too late to give back! Now that the kids are grown and there’s no conflicting of schedules, seek out local resources that often need volunteer work. It doesn’t have to be at the dusty library anymore; more and more, places like zoos and museums eagerly accept docents to lead tours and do mini-educational seminars for guests.

Take Some Classes, Learn Something New!

Community centers are a budget-friendly way to seek out new opportunities without breaking the bank. Local specialty stores will often offer beginner classes for things like knitting, weaving, or scrap booking.

Rekindle Your Passions

Retirement doesn’t have to be about new things; it can mean going back to your roots and regaining your love for hobbies. Fell out of your religion for one reason or another? Now is a great time to get back into your church and re-devote yourself to your church or find a new one. Have you always wanted to learn more about your family’s history but didn’t have the time or resources? With every year that passes, there are more resources being made easily accessible.

Join Special Groups

There are groups available for anyone nowadays. Water aerobics, creative writing, even groups for those who rely on power wheelchairs for mobility are located in almost every city. Ask local senior centers for information on finding and joining these classes.

Experts are saying that retirement is the prime time for seniors to get and stay active and mobile. Activity and mobility isn’t an all or nothing venture; anything that gets you out of the house is beneficial to your in what should be some of the best years of your life.