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Six Suggestions for Enjoying Sports in Retirement

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Date : January 16,2014
By : Marlena Stoddard

Aerobics may be the last thing on your retirement list, but why can’t exercise be fun? Sports can turn upping your level of physical activity into a game, and players can build character while burning calories. T-ball may have been slow, dusty, and a million years ago, but sports still offers a place to be active while making friends. Retirement is a great time to take up a sport! Here are six suggestions to make the most out of joining a sport in retirement.

1. Be honest about your abilities.

When exercising, listen to your body and be practical. Endurance, strength, flexibility, and balance are the four types of exercise as defined by The National Institutes of Health. Evaluate these qualities in sports that interest you.

2. Let inspiration strike.

Modern social networking has nourished the development of millions of interest groups. If you can’t think of a traditional sport that fits you, new ones are cropping up daily. The world of sports is wider and wilder than ever before.

3. Tag team!

Create a stir about your new sport. Invite multiple friends to play or to spectate. Put out open invitations to your family and neighbors. Teach someone young or old how to play. The best games are played with the best teammates.

4. Enlist an expert.

Find a specialist in fitness therapy to mesh your activity to your individual needs or help develop your warm-up routine. Once you have decided which direction—or directions—you want to pursue, run your ideas by your doctor. Know how to be safe and when to seek medical attention.

5. Get organized.

While individual sports and team sports can differ, facilities and equipment are a common requirement. Community organizations of all kinds can provide networking resources. Health clubs can also offer many benefits. Find out about fitness center memberships available to those enrolled in Medicare at

6. Don’t be a sore loser.

Remember to have fun! Whether you are dancing, canoeing, or learning Frisbee golf, being active should be rewarding. Physical games offer an array of goals from teamwork to trophies. It’s a game, after all!

Good exercise makes you feel better no matter how old you are. It also reduces the physical hazards of aging by improving function and strengthening against disease and injury. Retirement is a time to get out there and have fun. What are you waiting for? Let’s play!