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Six Reasons You May be Experiencing Vertigo

Date : September 21,2013
By : Kandace Heller

Vertigo is a dizzying experience that generates a perception of reversed personal gravity. It is a deleterious ailment with several possible causes. The following list details six of the most common origins for vertigo.

Ear Disorders

There are several factors inside the ear that can play a role in the sensation of veritgo. Canals within the inner ear are responsible for the brain’s perception of balance; when these become irritated, nausea can be induced. This is known as labyrinthitis, and it is generally the result of a viral infection. Vesitular neuritis is another common antagonist, and it is another form of disorienting ear inflammation.

six reasons you may be experiencing vertigo

Genetic Conditions

Some people are born with a natural predisposition for genetic disorders that cause vertigo. One of the most prevalently occurring ailments is Meniere’s disease. This ear dysfunction is not temporary like the previous entry on this list; instead, it often leads to permanent tinnitus. Vertigo is a recurring precursor to this debilitating disease. The surfacing of benign tumors can disrupt balance, which can also culminate in vertigo symptoms.


Side-effects of prescription drugs can be unpredictable. If vertigo suddenly appears, it may be time to take a closer look at the medication being taken. Any changes in a treatment pattern can cause visual disturbances that resemble vertigo.Confirmed cases of vertigo relating to prescription doses have been verified in individuals taking salicylates and aminoglycosides.

Motion Sickness

Modern methods of transportation have been linked to vertigo in sensitive members of the population. Vehicular travel can cause motion sickness that incorporates all of the dizzying aspects of vertigo. Long durations spent driving can confuse the mind’s understanding of gravity, and airplane trips have the capacity to severely confound the instincts of balance. In a similar fashion, earthquakes also have an unsuspecting ability to disturb cognitive stability.


Routine headaches interfere with natural brain functions. This creates an environment where balance cannot be properly maintained. The blurry vision typically associated with a migraine can propogate serious spinning sensations.

Cranium Injuries

Untreated head injuries can have tremendous impacts. Vertigo is just one of several disturbances that can arise from a skull collision. The whiplash bruises the brain, which damages awareness of orientation. Any accident involving the cranium should be professionally treated.


Identifying the root of vertigo symptoms is the first step to treating them. The aforementioned instigators are a good place to start, but nothing compares to a doctor’s diagnosis. As you seek treatment for your vertigo, you may consider the doctor’s prescription. You may also consider looking into natural remedies.