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Singapore is the Very Best: 6 Reasons Why I Think So

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Many people who live in a country with a typically cool, wet and windy climate dream of retiring to somewhere warm and sunny. There is of course a lot to consider before making a long-term move, as opposed to merely visiting on holiday. Contributory factors in making the final decision might include the cost of living, crime rates, easy accessibility, climate and property prices.

In terms of things to see and do, the obvious initial choices would be places like the fashion and retail stretch of Orchard Road, the Botanical Gardens, a collection of art works at the Ritz-Carlton Hotel, the Chinatown Heritage Centre, and the High Flyer – Singapore’s answer to the London Eye, a 165-meter-high observation wheel, currently the world’s largest.

Those with Singapore in mind might consider the following advantages of this exotic island nation.

The Merlion statue in Singapore

The Merlion statue in Singapore

Getting There

Singapore is well connected, with numerous operators flying to major cities across the globe. Changi Iternational Airport is the seventh busiest in the world, with over 45 million passengers passing through its three terminals each and every year.

Where to Live

The cost of purchasing a property varies considerably in Singapore, as it does with many urban areas, according to the neighbourhood and how far you are away from the main facilities and amenities of the city center. The majority of housing in Singapore is of apartment style.



The Cost of Living

Singapore has a well-developed and efficient transportation system, so getting around once you are settled is easy and fairly inexpensive. Most everyday essentials are reasonably priced.


Although Singapore does receive a high annual rainfall, with the majority of this falling in monsoon season (Nov-Jan), one of the biggest attractions for those looking to retire in Singapore is its climate, which, with it being so close to the equator, is essentially a tropical climate, with no discernible seasons.


Singapore boasts amongst the lowest crime rates in the world, largely due to what some may consider a very strict and aggressive law enforcement regime, with harsh penalties for even the smallest of misdemeanours. The up-side to this, of course, is that drug issues, violence and robbery are exceptionally low for such an urban region. This means that retirees are able to feel safe and secure in their new surroundings.


Singapore’s health care system is highly efficient and is ranked 6th in the world, according to the World Health Report. This health care is provided on a ‘three tier’ system, consisting of of Medisave, a compulsory health savings scheme; Medishield, a government-funded scheme and Medifund, for those on either low incomes or unable to afford treatment.