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Simple Exercises: 5 Simple Ways to Stay Active After Retirement | Retirement for Seniors
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Simple Exercises: 5 Simple Ways to Stay Active After Retirement

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Date : October 11,2013
By : Rianne Hunter

Attention to the body as well as the mind is a tried and true recipe for the possibility of extending the quality of life for senior citizens. Mere existence is not an option for all the men and women who worked diligently in the time leading up to these golden years. The following are five easy and low impact activities that will increase the quality of life in these later years.


This activity presents a low impact exercise option for most senior citizens. Heart rate elevation can be maintained without putting additional stress on other systems of the body. The impact on the joints is low. Walking presents a form of structure that is integral in spurring a person to get out of their house. Whether as a solitary or social activity, the cardiovascular, circulatory, and other systems all benefit from this type of exercise.

Senior Exercises 5 Simple Ways to Stay Active after Retirement


Water provides a great medium for those who may encounter problems with walking. Buoyancy and other natural characteristics of water provide a natural resistance for muscles to work against. This exercise can be handled by seniors of almost all activity levels. Variety is necessary to spur on interest in an individual’s workout routine.

The Brain Game

While not a muscle, the brain needs challenge and exercise to help maintain proper working order. Books provide an outlet for imagination to flourish. Audio books can be used by those that may suffer from visual impairments. Crossword puzzles tap into both long term memory and cognizant reasoning portions of the brain to keep those connections established.

Structured Sport

League sports grant social, competitive, and physical challenges to all who participate. Feelings of isolation can be alleviated with a bowling or golf league. Even sedimentary activities like cards and Bingo can raise the spirits of those who play. The key is to get out there and be part of the community.


Creative expression and sunlight are both potential benefits experienced with this pleasurable hobby. Routine can also be established. The fruits of gardening labor can literally be enjoyed. Hours go by with peaceful serenity with this heart-lifting and productive activity.

A significant part of senior care is the attitude that life can still be vibrant. The five aforementioned activity types illustrate a few of the pleasurable solutions to isolation, exercise, and mental sharpness. Sharing in the life of a senior citizen will enrich the lives of all those involved.