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Senior Surgery: How to Help Healing in Older Patients

Date : Mar 30,2015
By : Brooke Chaplan

While surgery provides a more permanent way to fix problems with the body, one major setback is that it requires a significant amount of time and effort for recovery. While younger people can generally recover with little effort, it is the older population that typically struggles with the recovery time. They already have preexisting problems that may hamper their mobility, frustrate them, and slow how quickly injuries heal. The good news is there are measures that can be taken to help older patients recover faster, while reducing the number of complications they may face down the road.

Seek Physical Therapy
Physical therapy’s main goal is to improve the outcome of any surgical procedures by keeping the body flexible and in working order. Even parts of the body that have received surgery should continue to be moved, though less at first. Furthermore, physical therapy tends to help increase blood flow to parts of the body that need to recover. This can make the recovery period shorter and improve how well the body heals after surgery.

Senior Surgery How to Help Healing in Older Patients

Receive Surgery from a Specialty Hospital
Physician owned specialty hospitals regularly work with patients whom may have trouble recovering, or who may face extra complications. They have programs designed to expedite the recovery process while helping patients overcome any obstacles to their healing or health. Nueterra, one of these surgery hospitals says while the general idea is to have surgery at these hospitals for their excellent methods, they may also be able to help during the recovery period.

Enroll in Yoga
Yoga specializes in maintaining the breath and employing mental practices that help to keep the mind sharp, and using poses that can help increase the flow of blood with minimal risk of injury. Enrolling in yoga classes after an operation may be a wise decision for a patient of any age. There are courses designed for all levels, and some programs even specialize in working with older people. You can recover faster when you use the body and mind healing approach yoga uses.

Talk About It
Seniors can benefit tremendously by having someone to talk to after their surgery. They can explain their problems, and seek solutions while reducing their overall levels of stress. This simple action of talking about their surgery can be enough to expedite the healing process by removing the hindrances that stress can bring.

Receive Regular Checkups
Checkups are another vital part of the recovery process. They ensure patients are able to overcome any obstacles that recovery might present while examining the results of surgery to correct any deviations that might occur as it heals. Simple checkups can prevent lasting problems from developing while noting any issues that might occur during the recovery period.

Safe exercise, regular checkups, and even the simple action of talking with someone after surgery can help older individuals heal better after undergoing a major surgery. The most important thing to remember, however, is that patients must stay optimistic after a surgery occurs. This is the only way to stay open to the methods designed to help the recovery process and to promote more efficient healing.