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Senior Secrets The Best Resorts for Retired Travel

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Date : December 28,2013
By : Brooke Chaplan

Many seniors have saved money for years, with the intention of using that money to travel when they retire. While a retired individual or couple may have enough funds set aside for traveling, finding affordable options is likely a priority. Without emptying their retirement savings, senior citizens can see a wide variety of exotic and magnificent places.

The Dominican Republic

Several resorts in the Dominican Republic offer a wide assortment of features that seniors can appreciate, like the array of quaint beach towns to explore. Retired vacationers may choose to relax for days on the gorgeous beaches in the area. Tourist attractions include museums, golf courses, botanical gardens, and wildlife viewing tours.

Cruising at a Discount

Some cruise lines provide discounts to senior citizens. Going on a cruise is an excellent way to travel, because many details are handled by those who organize the voyage. Meals are often included in the price of a cruise trip. A cruise along the Mexican Riviera could include sightseeing in some of the most memorable places, including beautiful Mazatlan.

Going to the Jungle

A trip to a jungle region could yield much fun and adventure for retired travelers. While visiting Indonesia, seniors might enjoy viewing wild orangutans on the island of Sumatra, and seeing the Indonesian rainforest is apt to be an unforgettable experience. The foliage is lush and gorgeous, and the tropical climate attracts a great number of tourists.

The African Safari

For those who seek adventure, a trip to the African safari might also provide life long memories. A typical sightseeing safari is likely to provide people with a glimpse at some of the most exotic and endangered animals, such as giraffes, zebras and lions. The African landscape is breathtaking, and the sight of majestic beasts in such a remarkable area is a visual delight unlike any other.

Condo Vacations

Buying or renting a condo is another option for retirees. Many Nassau condos may be available for relatively low prices in the tropics of the Bahamas. Retirees might discover various places located near the beach. Countless retired individuals appreciate the relaxed lifestyle that residents of the Bahamas enjoy. Vacationers may spend daytime hours swimming, fishing and shopping. At night, they can dine on the exquisite cuisine, or more casual fare served in various area restaurants.

People who have worked hard for decades deserve to travel in style. Traveling to exotic destinations does not have to be a pastime that drains retirees of their savings. Seniors have an abundance of exciting travel options available to them.