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Saving Money: Five Services to Take Advantage for Your Ailing Loved One

Date : July 11,2013
By : Kandace Heller

People in their forties and fifties are quickly finding themselves in the group called the “Sandwich Generation”, caring for children at home as well as elderly parents. This creates a great deal of financial and emotional strain for many families. It’s only natural that the elderly who need the extra care prefer to remain in their own home. However, when time and finances become strained, it’s time to find help. According to an in home care Richmond company, plenty of organizations offer services and programs to assist those needing additional in home care.

Personal Network

Don’t be afraid to inquire with reliable neighbors that may be willing to check up on the elderly. If the person needing care has been part of the religious community, often the church will assist in organizing visitations for the elderly and sick. Every little bit helps to reduce the financial and emotional burden on the caregivers.

saving money

Angel Ride

Angel Ride is an organization providing companion drivers to take the elderly to and from medical appointments door-to-door. They aren’t free, but the cost comparison with taking time off from work, the extra gas to complete the entire trip, or any kind of fees needed to hire a taxi works out to be a viable option for many.

Help with the Homestead

There are programs available to assist elderly homeowners (and in some cases, renters) with needed repairs, weatherization, or modifications for accessibility and safety. Ramps, handles in the shower and bath, water heater wraps, and many other services may be provided at little or no cost.

Area Agency on Aging

Specifically for in home care Richmond locations, Senior Connections Capital Area Agency on Aging provides a slew of valuable services, such as money management, medication management, in-home services, insurance counseling, and nutritional services. For what services they can’t provide, they have an informational network that will match up services with needs.

Best of all, they provide caregivers with support. This can be an invaluable resource, especially for those in the “Sandwich Generation” who find themselves caring for everyone in their lives but themselves.

This is a very emotionally and financially draining time for the caregiver as well as the elderly person who needs the care. Rather than taking on the full burden, take the time to explore options and find peace of mind. It will enhance moments spent with the elderly to enjoy rather than to stress.