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5 Things You Should Know About Retiring to the UAE

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We have all heard about how popular the United Arab Emirates (UAE) is with the tourists nowadays. We have probably also heard about numerous other people taking the plunge fully and deciding to call Dubai—or other popular settlements in the country—their home. This goes for people of working age and those looking for an ideal destination to retire to equally.

There is no denying the fact that the UAE has so much to offer the avid tourist and even people in search of an entirely new way-of-life. However, it would be totally remiss of us not to alert your attention to a number of highly critical factors that need to be born in mind before you make any final decisions about moving to this part of the world.

The Weather

One of the main reasons for why people may look to retire to Dubai or other parts of the UAE in the first place is the fact that it definitely enjoys fabulous, sunny weather. However, whilst it is true that you can look forward to year-round sunshine, you do also need to realize that this part of the Middle East experiences temperatures in the summer months especially that are way beyond anything you may have been accustomed to before. We are talking about values well into the mid-forties degrees Celsius and above; this means that for quite lengthy periods of the year, just being outside in such extreme heat can be exceptionally uncomfortable. This is especially dangerous for elderly people or for those who suffer from certain medical conditions.

Sheikh Zayed Mosque in Middle East United Arab Emirates

Sheikh Zayed Mosque in
Abu Dhabi, United Arab

Tax and Money

This is probably the biggest perk about deciding to move to the UAE. Your pension and income is much more likely to remain in your own pocket here, rather than helping to further boost the coffers of the national government. This is all down to the fact that the government of the United Arab Emirates makes up for pretty much all of its state spending through oil revenues alone. Shopping is also absolutely fabulous in the UAE: you are tripping over huge shopping malls and items such as precious metals are much cheaper to purchase here.

Boozers Beware!

If you love nothing more than to indulge in your favorite alcoholic beverage in the evening whilst watching the sun go down over a romantic and breathtakingly beautiful scene, the UAE is a country where you will need to be that much more careful! You are in a part of the world where the main practised religion is Islam: Muslims are not permitted to consume alcohol at all and this will become an issue especially during the period known as Ramadan—which lasts for an entire month.

Totally Different Laws

In comparison with the laws of Western countries, many people would profess that the laws of the UAE are downright Dickensian. Again, this is primarily down to the fact that Islam has become enshrined into the whole way-of-life in this part of the world and this is taken to an extreme and some would say very frightening extent. For example, it is not permitted for anyone to show any public expressions of affection: you can and will be imprisoned for merely kissing another person very briefly in this country. Capital and corporal punishment is still in place here—often for what we would construe to be very trivial misdemeanours. With this in mind, if you do still have your heart set on moving to the UAE, it is imperative that you familiarize yourself with the laws of the land before going and decide whether or not you are prepared to abide by such extreme sanctions.

Who Would Enjoy Retiring to the UAE the Most?

Obviously, there are many different types of people who would benefit greatly from deciding to retire to the UAE, but there is perhaps a specific person who would benefit the most. This type of person could be single or in a heterosexual relationship and quite happy not to display public shows of affection. They would be happy with the extreme heat and able to cope in such conditions and they would be able to fully embrace the Islamic culture and show the relevant level of respect at all times.In contrast, the UAE or any other Islamic state is definitely not recommended for homosexual people to retire to and they may well be jeopardizing their very lives by undertaking such a move!

If you are able to come to terms with the cultural and climatic conditions of the UAE and are hardly perturbed by such factors, the UAE is likely to prove to be an ideal destination for you to consider retiring to. It is fair to say that tens-of-thousands of people have successfully retired to Dubai and other parts of the UAE in the past and wild horses couldn’t drag them away now.