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The Top 10 Interesting Facts About Retiring to Cyprus

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The island that is synonymous with the Greek Goddess of love—Aphrodite—has so much up its sleeve for anyone who may be looking to retire to Cyprus. This island lies at the far eastern end of the Mediterranean and enjoys some of the best weather to be found in this vast sea. Cyprus has a fascinating mix of Greek and British influence and this makes it a really comfortable home-from-home for anyone who might be considering retiring here. Let’s take some time to run through the top 10 interesting facts about retiring to Cyprus together.

1. Excellent Transport Links

Okay, so Cyprus may not be as close as some other European destinations, but nevertheless, the two main airports on the island: Paphos (PAF) and Larnaca (LCA) really do offer fantastic connections with the rest of the world. Both airports are modern and extremely well organised, too. All major airlines fly into Cyprus and it is always very easy to arrange to collect a hired car from the airport for the duration of your stay.

2. Abundant History

There are few other places on this entire planet where you will be able to find archaeological sites with as much history behind them as on the island of Cyprus. We are literally talking about venturing back to the times of Ancient Greece; and in some areas you will even be lucky enough to retrace the steps of our earliest ancestors. Also, there are some glorious tourist attractions on Cyprus which have been dedicated to none other than Aphrodite herself: The Steps of Aphrodite on the south coast is always a firm favorite.

3. You Can Even Ski!

Cyprus is well known as being a warm part of the world and it often comes as a complete surprise to learn that it is entirely possible to ski in the Troodos Mountains during the winter months. But yes, you’ve guessed it! With mountains reaching up to just under 2,000m in height, it is regularly sufficiently cold enough to maintain skiing slopes here.

4. Truly Awesome Beaches!

Now when we say truly awesome beaches, we really do mean it when it comes to the island of Cyprus. However, by far the best beaches are to be found in the south and east of the island—closer to the west coast they can be a little rockier. Some of the beaches on Cyprus could very easily look as though they are more in keeping on a Caribbean island, rather than in the Mediterranean Sea.

5. Amazing Views!

As the interior of the island is so mountainous, you are very easily able to find properties to purchase and rent which command simply breath-taking vistas over the island and out to sea. Of course, the best will attract higher prices, but if you can afford to pay a bit extra, they are definitely well worth it!

6. A Reasonable Cost of Living

Although prices have started to creep-up a little in Cyprus over recent years, when compared with the US and northern European countries especially, this island does still offer a reasonable cost of living. There are many discount supermarkets where you can purchase reasonably-priced groceries and petrol prices are definitely cheaper than in the UK.

7. An Excellent Infrastructure!

Mediterranean Sea. Cape Greco, Northern Cyprus

Mediterranean Sea. Cape Greco,
Northern Cyprus

The road and motorway network on Cyprus is actually excellent when compared with many other southern European countries. What’s more, the main roads tend to be quite quiet and this means you can travel between different towns and cities with absolute ease. The only down side for Cyprus is that there is no rail network, however, there are inter-city buses between major towns.

8. The Best Weather in the Mediterranean!

Cyprus really does experience the best weather in the entire Mediterranean region. In fact, it is so warm here, Cyprus is one of very few destinations that are said to have a year-round holiday season. The best weather occurs between the months of April and October—other months can still be great, but rain is far more possible. Between July and August is it exceptionally rare for Cyprus to receive any rain at all.

9. Extremely Friendly People!

We all get a little fed up by reading that the locals in any worldwide destination are exceptionally friendly and welcoming; indeed, sometimes this can even prove to be a downright lie! Not so in Cyprus, my friends! That welcoming Greek warmth is definitely present in the Cypriots. Just one word of caution here, though: Cypriots do expect people who move to their country to make the effort and integrate.

10. A Resort to Cater to Any Taste

As Cyprus has been a popular vacation destination for many decades now, dozens of fantastic seaside resorts have grown and these all tend to appeal to people with different tastes. For example, the western resorts (e.g. Coral Bay and Paphos) are absolutely ideal for people looking to retire to Cyprus as they are quieter than the lively and bustling resorts in the east (e.g. Protaras and Ayia Napa).