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The Choices for Senior Retirement Living

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Sometimes later in retirement life is the point where most people decide they are unable to continue to care for themselves alone. The kids have grown and the house where you used to cook and clean and maintain all of the bills and vehicles can often be exhausting. This is the point in which many people choose to take advantage of long-term care at a senior living community, assisted living community or nursing home.

Each one of these locations offers its own types of benefits for the age group in which it caters to. The cost of moving in to any type of senior living center varies based on state. However, the national average ranges between $1500 per month for an apartment at a senior living center to $3800 per month for a bed and long-term care at a nursing home.

Senior Living Center

In the United States, 73 years of age is the average age for a person to move into a senior living center. People whose spouses have passed on earlier will often move into a senior living center sooner than this point. A senior living center is much like an apartment complex. It offers all the basic amenities that you expect when living on your own except everything is within a close community with other senior citizens. This allows elderly people to enjoy peace and quiet, develop friendships with people who are at the same point in life, and have access to necessary amenities and help if they need it. For many senior citizens it is important that they feel that they are not giving up all their freedoms just because they are old. A senior living center offers exactly that solution. Families are able to take comfort in knowing that their relatives are being well cared for in a place that is not a nursing home, but allow residents freedom to do as they please.

Senior Retirement Living

Senior Living

Assisted Living Center

An assisted living center is considered to be the next step after a senior living complex. Over 75% of the population living within an assisted living center need assistance or supervision with activities of daily living [ADLs] . The average age for someone to enter an assisted living is 86 years of age. These facilities are designed similar to a college dorm. Each resident is able to have their own bedroom but all of those rooms are within the same building and there are many common living areas. One of the many benefits of an assisted living center is that there is around-the-clock staff to help residents with any medical emergencies that may arise. Assisted living centers offer a variety of activities to help keep their residents healthy. These include tea parties, movie nights, dance nights, and regular outings. Senior citizens are able to enjoy discount day trips and weekend trips to a variety of locations that are within a bus ride of the center. Whenever residents choose to embark on one of these adventures, staff from the facility will also attend to ensure that everyone is properly cared for and that their needs are met. As elderly people begin to be less able to take care of themselves an assisted living center offers an affordable solution for them to maintain some of their freedom and also get the help they need without feeling completely helpless.

Nursing Home

The final stage for many people is to be entered into a nursing home. In a nursing home resident is typically bound to hospital style rooms were they may share a room with one other patient. Each resident receives around-the-clock care from the facility staff who monitors their diet, medications and sleep schedule. A nursing home is to for those who need long-term care. The alternative to choosing a nursing home for someone who has become elderly and ill is to hire a hospice nurse for in-home care. Hospice can be an expensive undertaking that is not affordable for many people. Also, in-home nurses cannot always be available 24 hours a day. Nursing homes involve their residents in reading activities, and movie nights to help keep them somewhat active and encourage their families to visit them.

Move to a Different Location

Once you decide to retire you may opt to pursue living somewhere else. Some retirees choose to move into a city that has a higher number of seniors while others simply choose to move someplace where the weather is warm and the sun is shining. One of the benefits to choosing to move to a different location is that you may be able to enjoy more activities than you would in your current home. Cities that are centered around senior living often offer a variety of local events including art shows, music festivals, and craft fairs that are specifically geared toward senior populations. Local colleges offer extended learning programs for senior citizens that are either free or low-cost in the cities as well. These programs allow elderly people to learn a new skill such as belly dancing or speed reading or to enhance their education on culture with writing, theater and historical-based courses. Some of the best places to retire and enjoy the benefits of senior living communities also offer little or no state income tax and affordable housing that is less than $100,000 per home.

According to studies performed by the American Institute of Aging, more and more senior citizens are fighting retirement depression by choosing to live in a senior living community. Not only are they occupied by the variety of activities that are available to them, they also have an opportunity to meet and discuss with new people who were experiencing the same bumps and bruises at that stage in their life. Making the decision to move into any type of retirement community is always going to be a difficult one. Older generations often feel that after they have invested so much time and energy into raising a family and building a home that it could be traumatic to leave it all behind and start all over again in a new place. The many advancements and welcoming nature of senior living accommodations make the transition and adjustment easier for both retirees and their families.

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