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Retirement is Around the Corner: Top 5 Retirement Locations

Date : October 30,2013
By : Brionna Kennedy

Retirement is the reward for years of hard work, and for people planning to retire the most important decision is picking a great place to live. While there are places in the United States and abroad, some stand out for factors such as weather, affordability and activities. Depending upon what’s important to the retirees, the places to retire are abundant and eagerly awaiting to show why they are the best.

Flagstaff, AZ

Viewed as the place with the best all-around weather throughout the year, Flagstaff’s combination of high altitude and low humidity make it ideal for retirees. Offering sunny days 78% of the year, the temperature goes about 90 degrees only an average of three days per year. Although it can snow in Arizona, the sunshine melts it quickly, making winter weather a non-issue.

Retirement is Around the Corner- Top 5 Retirement Locations

Boone, NC

Retirees who can’t afford the luxurious surroundings of Vail or Lake Tahoe can instead find similar surroundings in the small town of Boone, NC. With a population of only 14,000 and boasting spectacular mountain views and ski resorts, Boone is a hidden treasure for retirees. Providing free local bus service to residents, it’s also very affordable, with median house prices being only $215,000.

Traverse City, MI

Those folks wanting to retire to a lake house can find affordability in Traverse City. Residents can take advantage of freshwater beaches or take a ferry to various islands, enjoying nature at its best. Boating enthusiasts can enjoy their days on the waters of Grand Traverse Bay, sitting back in their house boat furniture trying to catch the big one.

Walnut Creek, CA

Offering residents numerous parks and almost 3,000 acres of open space, Walnut Creek is custom-made for retirees. Making up close to 30% of the population, retirees can ride bikes, jog or spend their days enjoying their pation furniture or walking through high-end shops and dining in fine restaurants. However, living there isn’t cheap, with median housing prices at just over $400,000.

Ithaca, NY

Retirees with an interest in education will find this spot ideal. With a variety of courses available at Cornell University, retirees can keep their minds razor-sharp learning something new and interesting. With very little traffic, group bike rides are common to such places as the Cayuga Lake Wine Trail.

While most retirees look to retire to big cities, often it is the hidden gems of small towns and cities that provide the most enjoyment in one’s golden years.