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Retirement Checklist: 5 Health Concerns To Look At In Your Senior Years | Retirement for Seniors
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Retirement Checklist: 5 Health Concerns To Look At In Your Senior Years

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Date : January 09,2014
By : Hannah Whittenly

As we age our most prominent health concerns tend to change, especially as we enter our senior years. When getting reading for retirement the following five health issues are among those that seem to be the most prevalent.

Physical Activity

Being able to stay physically active as one ages is important in delaying the onset of many diseases. Sometimes churches, senior centers or other community organizations offer exercise classes for senior citizens. Even activities such as walking and gardening may provide adequate amounts of exercise. Starting and sticking to a moderate exercise routine is important for optimum health during retirement.

Preventing Injury

Falls are one of the leading causes of injuries among older people. While staying active is important, seniors need to know their limitations. Providing a safe home environment is also important. Home modifications, such as redoing bathrooms or having the bedroom on the ground level floor, may be needed. Home security devices and fire alarms should also be installed.

Proper Immunizations

Elderly individuals are usually more susceptible to influenza and pneumonia. Seniors should check with their physician regarding what vaccinations may be recommended. Some people plan on spending their retirement traveling. If this would involve overseas traveling, finding out what types of immunizations are needed would be necessary. It would also be advised to check into travel insurance. It’s important to know ahead of time what Medicare or other types of health insurance would cover if a medical emergency would arise in a foreign country.

Dental Care

In spite of good dental care, many people suffer from tooth loss. Approximately 25 percent of people have lost all their teeth by age 74. There are several options such as bridges and dentures. Dental implants may be a better choice for some people because implants are actually replacement tooth roots. They may improve speech, comfort, and make eating easier.

Substance Abuse

Unfortunately, substance abuse can be a problem for older people. Because of increased aches, pains, or general discomfort that aging sometimes brings, people may self-medicate to relieve the pain. Sometimes seniors don’t understand the risk of mixing

medications with alcohol.

Getting a physical and discussing these and any other health concerns an individual may have with a physician is a good idea before starting retirement. Starting a regular routine that involves physical activity and proactive measures to maintain good health is crucial for seniors.