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4 Ideal Destinations to Retire to on the California Coast

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Many people who live in cool, wet and windy countries dream of retiring overseas. We have all spent our holidays in an exotic location and wondered what it would be like to live there. For a lucky few, with careful planning and access to savings or a good pension, this dream can become a reality.

The choice of country would of course be the foremost decision. The California Coast of the USA is always a popular destination. With a pleasant climate, easy access to most modern-day facilities and the fact that English is the national language, this region would be the best choice for most retirees—especially those from the UK, Australia and other English speaking countries.
The next decision would be to choose the city. It is of course important to realize that the further south you are, the warmer the climate. For instance, the southern coastline ofCalifornia enjoys a warm, dry, Mediterranean-type climate. In contrast, the coastlines of Washington and Oregon states to the north have a wetter and cooler, temperate climate. Bearing all this in mind, the following are retirement destinations to be found on the Californian coast of the USA.

Turquoise Pacific Ocean, California, USA

Retire to on the California Coast

San Diego

As the second largest city in California and the eighth largest in the US, it will come as no surprise to discover that San Diego offers all the attractions and amenities to be expected from a large metropolis. The city boasts great transport links, myriad shopping outlets, museums, theatres and good hospitals. On top of this, San Diego also has a comparatively low crime rate, when compared to other US cities of a similar size.

Another big draw for retirees considering retiring to San Diego is its great beaches. Temperatures here rarely dip below 12 degrees Celsius, even in the mid-winter months and the city receives an average annual rainfall of less than 11 inches. This means that retirees will have plenty of opportunities to relax and top up the tan, while basking under the warm Californian sunshine.

San Diego Beaches
San Diego Beaches

Santa Monica

The affluent coastal city of Santa Monica, just to the west of Los Angeles, has traditionally been a popular retirement destination among the more well-healed inhabitants of its mighty neighbor. This is not surprising, as the city has a great deal to offer within its relatively compact limits. The foremost attraction for many is its miles of wide sandy beaches, punctuated by the city’s world-famous pier.
The city also has a thriving arts and cultural scene, boasting such attractions as the historic Santa Monica Looff Hippodrome, Santa Monica Museum of Art and the California HeritageMuseum to name just a few. Put this together with the city’s numerous shopping malls, relatively low crime rate and easy access to the amenities of the nation’s second largest city, Santa Monica is a good bet for many retirees looking to settle on the US west coast.

Santa Barbara

Santa Monica Beach Los Angeles California

Santa Barbara

To the northwest of Los Angeles lies the coastal city of Santa Barbara. Often referred to as being the American Riviera, due to its pleasant, Mediterranean-like climate, Santa Barbarahas long been a popular retirement destination among US nationals, as well as those from overseas. In addition to its great beaches, Santa Barbara also plays host to a number of annual festivals.
Another plus point for Santa Barbara retirees are its good connections with the outside world. Because of having its own national airport, the international airports of Los Angeles(LAX) and San Francisco (SFO) are both within a comfortable drive from the city.

Santa Barbara

Santa Barbara Beach


The Californian city of Monterey has long been associated with its music festivals. Over the years, fans of all genres of music, from jazz and pop to rock and blues flocked to this otherwise sleepy coastal city. This has given Monterey a relaxed, somewhat Bohemian atmosphere, making it especially popular among retirees with a more spiritual bend.
Monterey is also conveniently situated close to the vineyards in the wine growing regions of central California, making it a popular base to wine connoisseurs. The city is also renowned for the abundance of marine life to be found in its coastal waters, as well as the broad species of wildlife to be found on the rolling hills inland, which form a stunning backdrop to this scenic city.

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