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Turkey: A Great Cheap Place to Retire

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There are a few very good reasons as to why many people are now looking at Turkey as a cheap and comfortable place to retire. At the end of the day, once we reach those golden years in life, we want to make sure we are able to enjoy a top-class lifestyle but we really don’t want to have to pay through the nose for it. We also want to be able to get outdoors a lot more and this will often mean having to leave our chillier northern climes. When it comes to the large country of Turkey, you are bound to be able to find a specific area that suits you down to the ground; moreover, you really will be pleasantly surprised with the cheaper cost of living once you get there.

Not in the Euro!

The fact that Turkey is not currently in the Eurozone may put some people off, however, you need to bear in mind that this is the most fundamental reason for it being so much cheaper a place to retire than the other EU member states nearby. It is thought that if and when Turkey joins the European Union—which does appear to be inevitable—prices will rise quickly and sharply in much the same way they have in other Eastern European countries.

Bargain Prices for Renting and Purchasing Property

So, if you are contemplating retiring to Turkey, now is most definitely the time to do it. You will find that rental and property purchase prices are excellent value for the money in the country right now and to give you some examples here, you can secure beautifully-appointed one-bedroom apartments for sale in the most affluent resorts for around €32,000. A three-bedroom villa on an amazing resort complex with golfing opportunities, swimming, fitness centers and many other amenities can cost as little as €178,000.

Rental rise, the bargains in Turkey keep on coming and average rentals are as follows:

· One-bedroom apartment in city centre location: €167.20

· One-bedroom apartment outside of the city: €146.34

· Three-bedroom property in city centre location: €250.87

· Three-bedroom property outside of the city: €198.61

These prices are per month and prove that renting accommodation in Turkey is so much cheaper than most other countries around the world.

The Blue Mosque in Istanbul, Turkey

The Blue Mosque in Istanbul, Turkey

A Plethora of Different Locations

If you are thinking about retiring to Turkey for the fantastic beaches and ideal climate—which is always so synonymous with the country—there are several regions to choose between. You have the gorgeous Aegean Coast where you will find some of the popular resorts such as Bodrum, Marmaris and Kusadasi. These are popular seaside resorts set in a part of Turkey that is surrounded by breath-taking scenery and a number of world-famous archaeological sites. The city of Izmir is also a great choice for people who want to enjoy the vibrancy of big city living, yet only pay around 45% of what you would have to in Northern European countries.

Moving down to the region known as Anatolia, a popular resort in this area is Antalya and I would have to say that this easily ranks as a personal favorite of mine! Antalya is a very relaxing resort if you want it to be; yet everything you could ever desire in the way of facilities is here for you and it is also an ideal resort for retirement.

You will find a number of articles online stating that the major cities of Istanbul and Ankara make for perfect retirement destinations and I would have to say that I actually disagree with this. Ankara especially is absolutely miles and miles away from beach life and neither city would prove to be truly relaxing for a retiree.

Very Cheap Living

With a small loaf of bread costing around €0.42 and a litre of milk €0.82, you can see for yourself that the average cost of living in Turkey is so much cheaper than the US and Europe. In fact, it is said that Turkey is around 60% cheaper to live than the United Kingdom—which means that the savings would really add-up if you were to retire to the country. Even a decent meal for two in a moderate class restaurant will only set you back around €18.82—so what on earth are you waiting for, my friends? Start investigating the possibility of retiring to Turkey today.

Lonely beach, Mediterranean coast,Turkey

Lonely beach, Mediterranean coast,Turkey
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