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Retire From Life and You Die Early

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You can add more years to your life by not being a smoker or a heavy drinker or by having a pet. We all know this but did you know that you can take years away by retiring from life? If you are doing something you really love you feel as though you will never die.

One of my main concerns about retirement is what will I do when I retire. Not just what will I do but what will the quality of my life be like? It appears to me that many people work until they reach a certain age and then they stop and they go home, sit in front of the TV and wait on death. Oh, many don’t really believe they are doing that but, if not, what is it they are doing? What is the difference between yard work, table games, cleaning out the garage, attic or basement? These kinds of activities can be satisfying to some but to most of us it is just work. And it is stay busy work, tedious work; the worst kind. That is not much of a life.

One thing I know about life is that you only get one. If a person retires in their 60s life does not have to end at that point; on average we still live for 15 or 20 more years. We should do something with the remaining years if we are not involved already. Something challenging that also makes us happy doing it. Doing what we have a passion and desire for. Some of us do that our whole lives. That is how we have always lived. However most are locked in a job that we dislike but we tell ourselves we do it because of financial obligations. I wonder why more of us don’t just do what we want to do… all the time?

Charlie Rose in an interview with Dustin Hoffman, director of ‘Quartet’ 25 Jan 2013 on Bloomberg News

I would suggest, in so called retirement, we do more things that are challenging to us both physically and mentally. We could be doing things that add to the quality of our life, such as, increasing ones self awareness which is certainly challenging. I find spiritual growth [not to be confused with religion] can have it own rewards.

By physically challenging I don’t mean run a marathon just because it is so, but do something physically challenging that you WANT to do because as with any challenge there comes a time when you will question yourself as to ‘why’ you are doing what you are doing and if you cannot justify it as something you want to do, something you feel passionate about you most likely will give up. You will be asking yourself why did I want to do this in the first place and if you have a solid reason before it will help you overcome your doubts when you hit the wall.

Getting old happens to us all. It is a fundamental part of life but it does not mean when you get there the journey is over or that you have reached your final destination only that the road to follow may be a little more bumpy or maybe the street signs are a little harder to read but you still have a choice, you can sit at home waiting for the end to come or you can feel the breeze in your thinning hair as you move on to the next challenge in life.