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Quilting 101: A Guide to Fun Retirement Hobbies

When it comes to your retirement years, you want a hobby that will keep you entertained while also creating something lovely. More and more retirees are turning to quilting as the hobby that engages their passion, and if you have never thought about quilting before, now is the time to start!

What Is Quilting?

At the most basic level, a quilt is type of blanket that is composed of sandwiching a layer of warm fluffy batting between two layers of fabric. Quilting occurs when you use either utilitarian or decorative stitching to keep the batting in place and flat between the two layers of fabric. This is an art that has a lot of room for improvisation and creativity, though some people love the look of traditional quilts.

What Kinds of Quilts Are Out There?

Quilting is something that happens all over the world, and every region or country has its own variety. For example, Chinese quilting has no batting at all, while American wedding ring quilts are composed of small pieces of fabric sewing together to create a beautiful pattern on the top of the quilt. A tie quilt is not sewn, but instead a needle with yarn threaded through it is passed through the layers of the quilt twice, allowing the ends to be tied together, which keeps the batting in place. There are many types of quilts for you to learn about.

What do I Need to get Started?

Quilting is a hobby that can contract or expand depending on what you decide to do with it. While you need fabric, scissors, needles, quilting thread at the very least, there are many other things that can help. Some people love to hand quilt, and simply get a quilting hoop, which is much like an embroidery hoop but far larger. Others build quilting frames, which can hold an entire quilt as they piece it together. Still others choose to quilt using the sewing machine, which turns out an even, appealing result. There are some sewing machines that can be programmed to quilt interesting patterns.

Where Can I Learn?

If you have no quilting experience, the best thing for you to do is to find a sewing class that will give you a good start. Companies like Sew Pro’s Sewing & Vacuum Centers typically offer classes for beginners that will help you catch up to speed. If you already sew, you may choose an intermediate class, but remember that quilting is different than sewing clothes or toys. The right class can put you on the right track for getting the quilts you want!

When you are thinking about new and interesting hobbies that will keep you active and excited, see what quilting can do for you!