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Projects that Will Keep You Busy When Adjusting to Retirement

Date : Apr 09,2014
By : Kandace Heller

You might think that when you retire you have to sit at home and watch television or play cards all day at the senior center. This is far from true. There are several activities that you can do alone or with friends that will keep you busy well beyond the time you retire.

Make the Money

Just because you retire doesn’t mean you have to stop working. There might be stipulations on the number of hours or the amount of money you are allowed to make if you are drawing social security, but it doesn’t mean you can’t work at all. Find a small job where you work a few hours a week. This could be at a local grocery store as a cashier or a florist as someone who arranges flowers. A part-time job will keep you busy and interacting with other people. Working may help you to feel fulfilled and avoid depression or feelings that you are not needed.

Go on a Trip

There are several groups that take tours across the country or the state where you live. Find a group that is specifically for senior citizens so that you are with people your own age. Take a friend with you so that you can join in the fun together. Many trips are to casinos or historical sites. Some of them last for a few days, and there are some that are day trips. Transportation is normally provided by a charter bus.

Start a Garden

Gardening is a great way to grow your own healthy foods. You can grow anything from flowers to tomato plants. Gardening also provides great exercise. It requires kneeling, digging and walks back and forth to your garden potting shed to get supplies.


Stay in shape during your retirement years. Join an exercise program at a local senior center or YMCA. There are usually specific programs for senior citizens that are low impact. Water aerobics is a great way to stay in shape and have fun at the same time. You can also learn how to play a sport such as golf or bowling. Bowling is a way to play with a group of friends while getting the exercise in that will keep the heart and lungs healthy.


Whether you live in a small or large city, there are probably organizations where you can volunteer your time. Call a church to see if you can clean during the week or a food pantry to see if you can help stock shelves. Volunteering is a rewarding experience, and you will know that you are making a difference in the life of someone who needs help.

Your retirement doesn’t have to seem like the end of your life. There are plenty of things to keep you busy such as trips, hobbies and community work. Find something that you’re interested in, and enlist some help from friends so that you have someone to talk to instead of being alone. Think of it not as the end of a journey, but as the start of a new chapter in your life!

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