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Preventing Bathtub and Shower Slips and Falls

Date : Apr 01,2014
By : Karleia steiner

In their quest for cleanliness, Americans subject themselves to a number of risks that often cost them dearly. Thousands of them are injured and even killed every year in falls that occur while they are bathing or showering. There are five steps you should consider that can help reduce the possibility of a bathroom fall.

Make Sure You Can See

There are few places where lighting is more important than in the bathroom, where men and women not only bathe but also shave and go through the contortions needed to dress. The installation of an additional light may be needed if the principal lighting is obscured by a curtain or door.

Test the Water First

The shock of stepping into water that is too hot or too cold can cause a physical reaction that can throw someone off balance and lead to a fall. It’s important to test the water before getting into, or putting someone else into, the tub or shower. You should also make sure that the temperature of your home water heater is not so high as to cause scalding.

The Risks of a Slippery Floor

In order to reduce the risk of a potentially catastrophic fall, a mat should be placed on the floor of the tub or shower. It will also be wise to use a mat, a small rug or at least a towel on the floor outside the tiled area to prevent falls when getting in or out.

Cover Those Drains Properly

Drains can be hazardous to those who sit down to bathe, especially small children who can stick their tiny fingers into them. Adults can be put at risk if the drain is opened when they are still in the water, creating turbulent conditions that can knock them off balance. Large drains should remain covered throughout the bathing process.

Consider Installing Safety Features

Grab bars in the tub or shower will help bathers steady themselves and perhaps save them from a fall if they start to slip. Those who are older or have limited mobility can benefit from a bath or shower chair. Despite these and other safety measures, bathroom accidents will continue to occur in this country, with the victims of these mishaps often requiring legal representation to help them deal with their injuries. It is this type of assistance that is offered by the law firm of Joseph M. Todd.