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Possible Ways To Make Additional Income During Retirement

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Date : December 28,2013
By : Jayla Barnsen

Whether you are already retired or progressing toward it, you probably have one thing primary on your mind, your ability to make it on what you have as well as what additional sources of income you can generate while you are retired. The truth is, you have every right to be thinking this, and regardless of the gloom and doom that is probably being dished to you constantly, it is possible for you to make additional income during your retirement. This article will show you how.

Sell your stuff.

Whether you are actually downsizing or not, retirement marks a time when you probably don’t need a lot of the things you have accumulated over the years. Perhaps you have lost a spouse, or your children have moved from home. The net result is that you have a lot of their things that you simply don’t need anymore. Why not sell it for the additional income? It’s easy to do.

Sell your skills.

Get out of your mind that retired means useless, because it doesn’t. You probably have skills that many people would love to have you help them with. Further, you could probably sell your skills to others who would not otherwise want to invest in a full-time employee, saving them a lot of money and getting a pro to do the work anyway.

Maximize Social Security.

Depending on the status of your health and how long you are expecting to live, you might want to consider drawing your Social Security check early. And it doesn’t matter whether you have already started receiving your benefits. If you pay back what you have already received, you can reclaim your benefits at a higher rate.

Get a Rewards Credit Card.

The credit card business is ultra competitive right now. Use this to your advantage by getting the cards that pay back the maximum rewards. Some cards pay you–literally–for every purchase you make. Be careful, however, because some cards sock you with high fees that can eat up rewards in no time.


You have accumulated a lifetime of valuable experiences that many would gladly pay to use. Why not offer yourself out as a consultant and let others pay you for what you know. There are even organizations who can help you find this type of work in your community. Can you give stock market investment tips? This is exactly the type of help others would pay handsomely for to get time-tested advice. Experience does pay, and sometimes very well.