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On the Edge: Making the Most of Your Retired Life

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Date : October 15,2013
By : Brooke Chaplan

For many people, retirement is the goal. A lifetime of work is the means to securing a pension, 401K, or similar fund dedicated to finance the so-called golden years. However, as the time approaches, people who have spent their entire lives working, sometimes find themselves at a loss when trying to figure out how to spend their retirements. After the finances are pinned down, there are a few key factors to keep in mind, in order to ensure a successful and truly golden retirement.

It’s All About the Good Times

People who work for a living, tend to become accustomed to making sacrifices. They do what needs to be done, rather than do what they enjoy. Retirement skews the balance. Suddenly, those workdays are just days, and that eight-hour shift is eight hours to pursue a new or old hobby or interest. Common activities include fishing, sports, arts, and gardening, or just passing the time leisurely with a walk or a day trip. Whatever the case, it is important to stay active. An active body is a healthy body, and one of the major components in health decline in the retired, is an increasingly sedentary lifestyle.

On the Edge Making the Most of Your Retired Life

A Time to Explore

Most steady, long-term professions necessitate living in the same location for decades. For the adventurous-at-heart, this can lead to feelings of being caged; retirement offers a key. Traveling during retirement can be a wonderful way to see the world and to experience all manner of new things. Coast-to-coast trips are far from uncommon, as are extended international holidays, or an outright relocation, and all with the freedom to stay and go at will. Look at places like Leverage European real estate to find great homes off the beaten path. Without the needs of a family necessitating a costly home, some couples even opt to exchange the house for a luxury RV and cruise the highways for a real taste of Americana, stopping wherever they please.

Not Out Yet

Still, the prospect of retirement isn’t always a pleasant one. For those who want to continue working, retirement presents an opportunity for new business ventures. One might try his hand at stocks or at flipping antiques, at real estate, or at opening his own shop. He might even take up a hobby and sell his own products.

There is no set-in-stone method to enjoying a retirement. It varies by person and by interest. The trick is often to step back, take a minute to consider the possibilities, and go with whatever elicits the biggest smile.