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Niche Communities on the Rise in Assisted Living

Date : June 25,2013
By : Tom MacDonald

Traditional retirement homes are reducing in number as niche assisted living centers become popular! Specialty retirement communities have gained a lot of traction in the recent past. Distinctively styled, they are offering senior citizens new experiences in the company of like-minded people.

Traditional retirement communities have existed for a very long time. While they have served a great purpose in society – taking care of its senior members, there was a need for more variety in their services. Specialty assisted living answers to this crying need of our elderly population. This is vindicated by the popularity of these retirement homes and assisted living facilities .

An ever-increasing number of retirees are choosing niche assisted living over regular alternatives. The trend is likely to grow stronger in the future with increased awareness about these communities, among the people and a possible growth in their offerings.

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Types of Specialty Assisted-Living Communities

Options are abundant if you are looking for a specialty assisted-living community. With themes ranging from ‘one with nature’ to intellectual and academic pursuits, senior citizens can choose from a virtual buffet of options.

  • University-based Retirement Homes
  • They say – you are never too old to learn. Perhaps those who first came up with the idea of college or university-based retirement homes were inspired by the adage.

    University-based retirement communities are providing many senior citizens a chance to return to academia and pursue their intellectual interests. The communities have tie-ups with universities and colleges, which provide adult education programs to senior members of the society.

    These specialty communities are located close to universities so that the residents find it convenient to attend classes and make use of library or other facilities on the campus.

    Many retired professors and teachers can be found at these assisted living centers exercising their intellectual abilities.

  • Region and Sexual Orientation-based Retirement Homes
  • Many assisted living centers have sprung up that cater to the needs of elderly people from a specific region. Specialty assisted living centers for Chinese and Latin

    Retirement homes and assisted living centers for lesbian and gay communities can be found as well.

  • Intergenerational Retirement Communities
  • Multigenerational assisted living is slowly but surely catching on. Providing a close approximation to the real world, these retirement communities are home to people from different generations, young, middle-aged, and senior members. The socialization features offered by intergenerational housing, cannot be matched by any other type of assisted living facility.

  • Environment-friendly Complexes
  • With almost every industry waking up to the threat of global warming and environmental pollution, there is no reason why senior living communities should be left behind.

    Retirement communities that do not allow the use of polybags, have taken to fluorescent lights, have replaced inefficient appliances with those that consume less energy, and consume organic food, are in vogue.

A few other options exist such as luxury condominiums, cottage housing, and assisted living communities in the countryside or wooded areas. Niche assisted living facilities have infused fresh vigor in the industry, and are helping senior members choose homes that are to their taste and those that suit their interests.