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Money Saving AARP Travel Discounts

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Retirees have the leisure time to travel, but they are often on a fixed income and can’t afford to spend money freely. Fortunately, many vendors of travel services — such as hotels, campgrounds, and transportation providers — offer a senior discount. And one of the best ways to find these discounts is through the American Association of Retired Persons, or AARP.

AARP membership is open to all those who are 50 years of age and older; membership dues are a very affordable $16.00 annually (or even cheaper per year, if you purchase a multi-year membership up-front).

The AARP Travel Center is easily found at the organization’s website; here, various current travel discounts are highlighted, whether cruises, stays at resort hotels, car rentals, airfares, and the like. AARP works in conjunction with various travel companies to offer senior discounts, as well as with prominent websites such as Expedia. If you monitor the organization’s website regularly, you can plan vacations around the deep discounts you’ll often find there.

AARP Travel Discounts

AARP hotel discounts, for instance, are listed by hotel chain, with discounts of 10 percent, 20 percent, or more. There are similar locations for cruises, car rentals, and tours. And if you register for AARP discounts, the organization will send you email alerts for special limited-time offers.

As well as discounts, AARP travel provides useful tips on how to save even more on your vacation, whether helping you improve mileage with a rental car, how to tip appropriately, and how to save on airline baggage fees. The site also provides useful articles on specific travel destinations, how to stay healthy while traveling, how to purchase appropriate luggage, and more. These travel articles are all catered to retirees. The “Destinations” section covers locations both in the United States and around the world.

AARP Travel Discounts

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Discounts available at AARP’s website aren’t limited to traveling. There are plenty of special offers as well as longstanding senior discounts at restaurants that may be local to you, for installation of home security systems, gym memberships and fitness equipment, and more. It’s especially worthwhile looking at the limited time offers, which offer substantial savings over even the normal discounts often provided to seniors.

If you’re not an AARP member and qualify for membership, the discounts you can find are well worth the membership fee. Even if you take a single short trip, or rent a car one time, you’ll more than make up for the fee. Take full advantage of your “seniority” by checking into AARP travel discounts.