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Making A Move For Retirement? 5 Home Ideas You Should Consider

Date : December 06,2013
By : Brionna Kennedy

There are a number of benefits that make moving to a different home a practical thing to do after retirement. Quite often, the home you raised your family in is now a larger space than you need, and the maintenance and upkeep may be more than you are able to comfortably handle. When you’re making a move to a home you plan to enjoy during the years following your retirement, there are a few ideas you should consider.


Almost any realtor will tell you that location is an important feature to consider when buying a house. At this point in your life, you’ll probably be looking at location in a different way than when you purchased the home you are currently living in. A close proximity to family, friends, shopping and medical facilities are factors that you will want to consider.

Making A Move For Retirement- 5 Home Ideas You Should Consider


Moving to a smaller house means you will need to downsize. Look at downsizing in a positive manner. You’ll have less to clean, less expense, less maintenance and a more considerable amount of leisure time, which you have certainly earned at this stage of your life.

You can start the process by going through what you already have and see what are necessities. These items will obviously be coming with you. But there is going to be a lot of remains from your children, or left overs from activities you no longer participate in. Think about donating these items, you can do some good for others as well as get a nice tax write off for yourself.


Even if you are in excellent post retirement health, it is a good idea to make accessibility a requirement for your new home. A single story home is probably best. If the house you like does not have features such as grab bars in the bathroom and handrails at the steps, you should seriously consider adding them before or soon after you move in.


Home security systems are available in a variety of price ranges and with an array of options. Having a system installed in your new house can give you an extra element of protection and peace of mind. A security system is a really good idea if you plan to travel extensively during your retirement years.


The are numerous technological advances that can be beneficial to seniors. It is well worth your time to discuss Vivint home automation with a professional who can explain these technological advancements to you. Home automation systems include features such as weather alerts, energy saving features, video surveillance, a video camera and much more. Home automation also give a lot of control to the home owners and the ability to customize your home to your specific needs and wants. There are countless benefits that are a plus at any age.

Moving to a smaller home in a location that is conducive to the lifestyle you plan to enjoy after retirement can be a financially smart move. It can also be a way to gain some extra leisure time to enjoy things you’ve always wanted to do.