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Living the Retired Life: Keys to Stay Active

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Date : December 28,2013
By : Brooke Chaplan

While retirement is a time for fun and relaxation, it’s also a time to rediscover the physical strength a career in the office may have taken out of you. As we age, staying active is every bit as important to good health as nutrition. Follow our tips to turn fitness from a chore, into an exciting way to grow into your retirement.

Walking Groups

While some may opt for a treadmill, and a pair of headphones, walking with friends helps with both mental and physical health. Spending time with other people reduces stress hormones that can damage your body. To avoid falls during wet weather, try the local mall for an indoor walking session. Having trouble convincing your friends to join you? Walking groups are easy to find online, or through a local community center.

New Sports

An important part of staying healthy isn’t just staying active, but also diversifying your routine. Joining a new sport you’ve never played before is a perfect way to make the most of retirement; soccer, badminton, or even something silly like dodge-ball can add some spontaneity to your life.

The Life Dream Workout Routine

For many people, retirement is a chance to take that vacation they’ve spent years looking forward to. Instead of taking the tour bus, why not hike the Grand Canyon, or walk past the Pyramids of Giza? Not only will it help build your endurance, but make the experience all the more gratifying. Just be sure to wear some sunscreen!


Sometimes our bodies can’t take as much punishment in our golden years, but that shouldn’t slow you down. Swimming helps keep you fit and toned, while taking the stress off your body that other exercises cause. There are many different styles and classes to chose from, including water polo and aerobics. At each of the SwimJim locations, swimming lessons are available to help those new to swimming, in addition to those looking for a refresher course. Swimming is a great way to connect with other retirees in the community while staying in shape.

It isn’t hard to stay active during retirement, and staying fit can expand your social horizons as well. Instead of considering retirement a winding down period, instead treat it as a time to run at your dreams full-sprint. Follow these tips to stay ready for life’s next great adventures.