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Leveling up your Gardening skills

Date : Feb 10,2016
By : Kate Flannery

If you already tried your hand in gardening and you fell in love with the hobby, it might be time for you become a bit more than just an amateur. Gardening is a fine form of agriculture, it has evolved for several millenia, and our ancestors have learned a trick or two that we can still use today, but not everybody knows them from the get go. However, since you discovered that you have a green thumb yourself, it might be time to carry on to something more challenging. Here are some general guidelines.

A Perfect Ecosystem
The best thing about making a perfect garden is that if you succeed in making the right choice of plants, it will more or less be a self-sufficient eco system. Sure, you could try hard around every single sapling but why not allow plants to take care of themselves, or better yet of each other. Sometimes, specific plants work well together and this form of symbiosis is enough to make everything else running smoothly. However, you first need to consider few things.


  • Is your garden soil suitable for these plants?
  • How much do you like these plants in your garden?
  • Do they require compost and if yes, which kind?

Protecting Your Garden
After you have created a garden of your dreams, it once again comes down to protecting it. Pests around it are constantly on the prowl and are looking for the ways to harm what took you so long to create. Because of this you need to do several things to protect yourself from these invaders.


  • Equip yourself properly: Before you even start to worry about this, you would be wise to get professional pest control supplies. Even though there are many alternative solutions to this problem, none is as effective. When it comes to your garden you should make no compromises.
  • Build a defensive fence: Even though this won’t stop insects (you have other means for that) it just might prevent some larger pests or even rodents breach into your garden and raise havoc there. The best thing about this project is that it is highly aesthetic and requires virtually no maintenance.
  • Care for surroundings: In order to prevent squirrels from entering your garden you will have to take care of your garden’s surroundings. If there is any tree adjacent to your yard, it would be wise to prune some of their branches which may serve as a launch ramp for these flying vermin.
  • Discouraging birds: Now, some people enjoy nothing more than a sight of a beautiful flock of birds, but to a gardener, they are one of the most dangerous adversaries. The best way to fight them off hasn’t evolved for several millennia. Simply get a scarecrow or make one on your own (or with the help of your grandchildren).

As you can see, none of these steps are too complicated, but are completely invaluable for your garden. Two key things to any garden’s survival are that it is carefully planned and that it is well protected. By making this happen, you will take your gardening to the next level, and be a one step closer to making a garden of your dreams.