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Ideas On How to Spend Your Leisure Time As You Retire Overseas

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During retirement, one may have plenty of time that needs to be taken care of. This is because it marks an end of full time employment even if some individuals may take up some part time employment. However, there is still plenty of time that requires to be used positively. The list below gives some of the brilliant ideas of activities that can take up this time;

Start an English books library

There is a prevalent shortage of English books overseas. It would appear wise to capitalize on this shortage to start up a book sharing shop. It is rather expensive to import books to these regions. In this view, it would be better to gather a huge collection of English books and share among the residents. This would broaden the social perspective by meeting new people in the process. It can also be a source of supplementary finance.

Join social clubs.

This is a great time to join available clubs and considering personal hobbies. This may include chess clubs, dart clubs, pool clubs etc. This will ensure that most of the evenings are occupied during the retirement period. It would be also creative to organize tournaments and matches to ensure that the game is more exciting.. This will be helpful in meeting new members and learning from different social backgrounds. In case a game of your taste does not exist, it would be creative to start one of your own.


Another way of spending leisure time would be offering voluntary service. Such services would include teaching English in various colleges and serving in hospitals. This would be highly appreciated in such areas where English interpretation is regarded as a high value resource. At times this can form a source of supplementary income in the long run. Voluntary services would also be an aspect of socialization.

Take up cultural classes

Now that you are in a new culture, there is so much to learn. Some towns are generous enough to offer cultural classes. Such classes may include cooking lessons in order to know how to cook their native meals, to learn local languages or even learn local sports. This will help one to assimilate completely into the society and adapt to the new lifestyles of the society. This will be an eye opener and will keep one in a young and knowledgeable. These new skills will build up one’s confidence to live in the new region and make them more comfortable.

Senior man Writing a Book

Senior man Writing a Book

Writing articles and Books

Finally, now that there are so many new cultures, traditions and experiences to learn, writing would be the next interesting hobby to take up. It would be enjoyable sitting each day to write a day’s experience once you have been outdoors playing a game, enjoying a walk, a drink or even a lesson. It also helps keep a diary of dairy activities which creates a great sense of memory and reminds one of the sweet memories of events that happened during the stay. Advanced writers can write up novels that can be sold to the natives as well as in other countries.

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