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5 Quite Diverse Italian Locations to Retire to

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If there is one country in the world that really is able to offer everything, it has to be beautiful Italy, which really does have it all; beautiful beach resorts, historic cities and even fantastic mountain landscapes up in the far north.

Great Beach Destinations

Given that Italy is one very long peninsula with many thousands of miles’ worth of coastline, it is difficult to identify one specific beach resort for you to retire to. However, if I was to highlight a coastal region that offers the most, this would probably have to be around the Neapolitan Riviera. The beaches here are just about as awesome as they get in Italy, plus you are surrounded by some of the most historically-important sites in the country, for example, the remains of the town of Pompeii may be found in this region. Another prime choice of beach location can be found on the island of Sicily in the south-west of the country. Off the tourist track, many regard San Vito lo Capo as one of the best, closely followed by Villasimius and Otranto.

Fantastic Historic Cities

Whether it is the Roman ruins to be found in the ‘Eternal City’ of Rome, the celebrations of the Renaissance Period in Florence, or the never-to-be-forgotten historical city built on water, Venice, Italy really is hard to beat when it comes to historical status. In fact, whichever city or region you decide to retire to, you can rest assured there will be always be plenty of historical tourist attractions nearby.

Cultural Centers

If you love to be surrounded by culture, there are many and varied destinations in Italy which may be of interest to you. The capital, Rome, is a vibrant metropolis and offers delights ranging from world-beating operatic performances, to world-renowned art galleries and all points in between, even a world religious center, in the form of the Vatican State, a landlocked, walled enclave within the city. If you want be in the right place to catch first sight of the next season’s offerings in the fashion world, Milan could be the choice for you.

Dolomites South Tyrol, Italy

St Magdalena Kalian Italian Dolomites.

Beautiful Mountainous Regions

If you love the idea of clean and crisp mountain living, the Alps mountain range extends south from France into the north of Italy and much of this beautiful region is known as The Dolomites. If you still feel active and adventurous enough, you could try your hand (or feet) on some of the more gentle skiing slopes to be found in this region.

The Italian Lakes

If you ever imagined retiring to a part of the world that is surrounded by some of the most spectacular scenery, you simply have to consider the Italian Lakes. Lakes Como, Maggiore, Lugano, Garda and Iseo are all examples of the largest and most breath-taking bodies of water to be found in the north of the country. Often, these lakes are surrounded by mountains and this makes the potential scene available to you even more picture-postcard-perfect.

The Italian Lakes Como

The Italian Lakes Como

So, as you can see, the country of Italy really is just about as diverse as you could ever imagine. The country is able to cater to any specific taste; whether this is a penchant for culture and the latest fashions, a liking for fantastic upmarket beach resorts, or even a yearning for the most beautiful mountain and lake scenery up in the far north of the country. This dream country could be yours in retirement, however, there is just one small negative aspect about retiring to Italy: it is not exactly the cheapest part of the world in which to live and therefore may only be an option for those that can comfortably afford it.

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