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Intergenerational Retirement Homes Attracting People

Date : June 19,2013
By : Tom MacDonald

It is widely believed that retirement homes are only for retirees. This notion is being challenged by many senior citizens who are opting to live in retirement communities that also allow people from younger generations to live on the premises.

Almost all retirement homes and assisted living centers provide a range of facilities to the elderly, to make sure that they spend the rest of their days in peace. Many of them offer high-end luxuries like spas, gourmet dining, and fine-arts studio, but what they fail to provide is emotional support and community feeling.

Intergenerational retirement homes and assisted living centers have senior citizens living together with a cross-section of people from other age-groups in a closely-knit community. The members eat together, have long and lively conversations, and perform many other activities together. Old age can be a lonely time in people’s lives. These retirement homes are making sure that this is not the case with many of our elderly.


Intergenerational Retirement Homes Offer Both Privacy and Community

It is possible for the residents of multi-generational retirement homes to live in seclusion and have complete privacy. Most centers provide separate facilities for housing the senior men and women, who would rather have the peace and quiet of private homes than the openness and community feeling of intergenerational retirement homes. Though private living is not an idea encouraged by these assisted living homes, it answers to the needs of the elderly who might be suffering from various medical conditions.

Many of these retirement homes also provide an option to the senior citizens to live among people of their age only, though in community. This again caters to the needs of a segment of the aging population who prefer peace and quiet, and like to spend time with people who share their interests and have the same problems.

Intergenerational retirement homes are mostly occupied by residents who share their lives together. But there are options for those who want a quieter and more private life in their old age.

The Growing Popularity of Intergenerational Living

Why are intergenerational retirement homes becoming popular among the people? Here is some information that answers the question.

  • The elderly love the energetic air of multi-generational retirement homes. At your normal retirement home and assisted living center, the senior citizens have no reason to break their settled way. Most of them lead rather sedentary lives and tend to neglect their health.
  • Living with younger members of the society rubs off on them. The senior members pick up on the vitality that the kids, teenagers, and other generations bring to these retirement homes.
  • The elderly population believes that it’s the natural way of living. Many senior citizens with an experience of staying at one of these assisted living communities feel that living among people of their own age only is not natural. In their opinion the intergenerational retirement homes afford a more healthy solution. According to them the mix of different ages, just like the outside world, is the ideal way to live.

Intergenerational retirement homes present a microcosm of the world. It is their ability to recreate the variety and energy of the world outside their boundaries that is drawing people towards them.