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5 Reasons Indonesia Is a Great Cheap Retirement Option

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Of all the countries in South-East Asia that people choose for their retirement, Indonesia has some of the more exotic and appealing islands; namely Bali and Lombok. Popular with regular tourists as well as those people seeking an expat lifestyle, the combination of great weather, friendly people, beautiful coastlines and countryside are just some of its main attractions.

On a per capita basis, the general crime rates in Indonesia are lower than similar rates reported for Western cities such as Los Angeles, New York, London and Paris. In terms of medical care, most expatriates make use of group practice medical clinics. These have a wide range of specialists and are quite capable of providing for most routine medical needs. As they cater to expatriates and middle-class Indonesians, they provide the best standard of medical care that can be given in Indonesia. For serious injuries and illnesses, many expatriates and Indonesians alike choose to go overseas for treatment.

Raja Ampat

Raja Ampat Indonesia

The usual referral center is Singapore, as it is cheaper to fly there than to the two most common referral centers in Australia. However, there is little to choose between Indonesia and Singapore, and some Westerners may be more comfortable with the medical approach in Australia. Here’s five other compelling reasons to move to Indonesia.

bali indonesia

Bali Indonesia

Property is Cheap

Property prices, when compared to Western countries, are very low on the islands of Bali and Lombok, and as a result, there are some terrific bargains to be had, but here it is far better to simply rent one, largely because there are strict laws preventing foreigners from buying property in Bali. The most basic houses can be rented for as little as US$100 per month in Bali, and sometimes even less than that on Lombok.

bali, indonesia

Bali Indonesia

The General Cost of Living

As long as the obvious tourist joints are avoided, meals out can be had very cheaply, and it is perfectly possible to dine out for every meal in a day on less than ten dollars. If dining out for most meals does not appeal, then buying groceries will also seem very cheap in Indonesia when compared with Western countries. The only groceries which may seem expensive are those specifically imported for the expat market, and many people soon decide that they can live without them! Other examples of lower costs of living include laundry, which can be washed, ironed, folded and returned for less than 25 cents a piece, and the availability of cheap CDs and DVDs. It seems that they can be bought on almost every street corner in some places, and the going rate is a dollar each, even for the latest releases.

Unsurpassed Natural Beauty

Bali has achieved recognition as an exotic island paradise for good reason, with beautiful beaches adorning holiday brochures, and advertising it as a beach-lovers’ paradise. With golden sands, warm waters, and swaying palm trees, some areas certainly have that castaway feeling. Lombok, in many peoples’ opinion, is even more beautiful than Bali, and retains an almost undiscovered air about it, with both being ideal for anyone that likes to spend time in the great outdoors.

Cheap Flights to Other Exotic Countries

Many of the other interesting countries nearby can be reached within a short traveling time on cheap flights. Living in Bali or Lombok gives retired people the opportunity to take a vacation to Borneo, Australia, or New Zealand, for example. There are also ample connections with other main Indonesian islands, including Sumatra and Java.

Family and Friends Will Want to Visit!

Anyone considering moving overseas for their retirement will inevitably consider how they will see their family and friends, and may wonder if they will be able to afford flights back to their own countries. By living in Indonesia, though, the problem is easily solved, as family and friends will almost certainly make the effort to travel there! It is quite surprising how even the most distant relative will want to see someone who now lives on an island paradise, and a steady stream of house guests is likely to be a regular feature of expat life in Indonesia.