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How to Plan a Funeral: Being Free to Focus on What Matters

Date : August 08,2013
By : Brionna Kennedy

Funerals are perhaps the most stressful events in people’s lives, and can prove to be very complicated when trying to coordinate the various wishes of the deceased with those of surviving family and friends. However, planning a funeral can become far less stressful by doing a few simple things along the way to leave those left behind free to focus on what matters.

Final Arrangements

The most important step to take is meeting with other mourners to discuss final arrangements. Sometimes, the deceased will leave behind specific instructions for their funeral, such as being cremated. Many families today are opting for cremation rather than traditional burial. In Los Angeles, cremation services can be done for less than $700, which includes transporting the body, gaining needed signatures from authorities, crematory fees and cremation of the remains.

How to Plan a Funeral- Being Free to Focus on What Matters

Where to Have the Service

Choosing the site for the funeral is also important. Many families decide on a church or other religious building, or perhaps at a funeral home or even at the graveside for a quick, simple service with a few family and friends. Some families, depending upon the wishes of the deceased, sometimes have funerals in very informal places such as a beach, a park or even in a favorite hangout of the deceased such as a restaurant or sports stadium.

The Eulogy

The eulogy is perhaps the most important and emotional part of any funeral service. Deciding on who will deliver this can be difficult, but usually it becomes clear as to who knew the person best and is willing to say a final good-bye in a special way.


Of course, the best way to plan a funeral is to plan ahead. Most funeral homes offer pre-planning services to clients, allowing them to pick out their casket, music, clothing to be buried in and more all while having the time to carefully think about it and discuss their wishes with family and friends. Pre-planning also usually comes with a substantial discount, giving peace of mind not only to the person but also their family and friends.

Making sure there is adequate life insurance or burial insurance to cover the necessary expenses is also key to leaving loved ones free to focus on what matters when the time comes. While planning one’s own funeral sounds morbid to some, taking the time to do so can be an act of love that family and friends will appreciate during a very stressful time.