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How to Make Your House as Fall-proof as possible for an Elderly Person

Date : November 21,2013
By : Trevor Lucy

Elderly relatives can be particularly vulnerable to accidents at the home and if you have or plan to have an elderly person living with you, then you will need to ensure to take appropriate measures to make your house asfall-proof as possible.

Here are a few helpful tips on how to make each room in your house safer or accident-free for an elderly person.



  • Install grabs bars and a non-slip bath mat in the shower or bath.
  • Set the thermostat of the water heater at 49 degrees C or lower to prevent accidental scalding.
  • Ensure the bathroom has even lighting without glare.

Courtesy of Ally Senior Care

Image ref: Courtesy of Ally Senior Care

Living Area

  • Any small or loose rugs should have non-skid backing and should not be placed in traffic areas.
  • Ensure carpeting and rugs are not worn or torn.
  • Chairs and couches should not be too low or too deep to get in and out of easily.
  • Extension cords should not carry more than their proper load, as indicated on the cord or appliance.


  • Electrical cords should be placed out of the traffic flow and not stored underneath any tables or mats.
  • The kitchen flooring needs to be safe and non-slip.
  • Ensure all oven controls are clearly marked and easily grasped.
  • Ideally, any cabinet shelving should be replaced with drawers or pull-out components.


  • Ensure the elderly person has a bedroom on the ground floor of the house if possible.
  • Have an adequate-sized nightstand or small table for a telephone/mobile phone or other important items.
  • A sturdy chair with arms should be close to the bed so that theycan sit in it to dress themselves or use it to assist them in getting out of bed.
  • Fall impact mats can be placed at the side of the bed if required. These help to reduce the risk of serious injury to almost 0%.
  • Easy to fit PIR’s will automatically turn lights on if a loved one tries to get out of bed at night, this will help eliminate tripping in the dark.
  • Alarms can be triggered if a loved one leaves their bed, room or house


  • Install handrails at the entrance to the house if not already in place.
  • Steps and pathways need to be kept clear and in good condition. Repair any chips/cracks in concrete or tiles.
  • Security lighting should be installed outside the house.

If you follow the above tips then rest assured your home will be a safe haven for any elderly relative. Be mindful that there are a wide range of products on the market especially tailored for carers of the elderly too, for example, emergency phones, personal alarms and pagers. They can give you the peace of mind you may needif you have to leave an elderly person alone in your home as you can be contacted easily and quickly.

Author Bio:

Trevor Lucey, CEO of Homecare Technologies, has been providing Hospitals and Nursing Homes with assistive technology since 1992 through his company Sound & Vision Communications. He decided to set-up Homecare Technologies after receiving so many enquiries from members of the public in the last two years for solutions to issues they were having at home. To date the company’s sales have far exceeded Trevor’s expectations and the company is growing month on month.