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Home security 101 – stuff everyone should know about

Date : Jan 8,2015
By : James Burbank

It does not matter what you think about crime in general and crime in your area in particular – the truth is that everyone can find themselves a victim of a burglary. Sure, some neighborhoods, areas of town and cities are more affected by burglaries, but in general, no place is 100% safe.

Unfortunately, seniors are more likely to be burglarized because the burglars always do their research and they believe that seniors make easier targets (which does not have to be true, of course). So, keeping all this in mind, how does one make sure that they have done everything to secure their house against burglaries?

1. Ruin their ‘reconnaissance missions’

Burglars are most often quite organized and they almost always research the neighborhood and individual houses before actually doing anything. It is therefore important to know how to mess up their reconnaissance efforts and how to make your home a less attractive target.
First of all, never advertise that you are away if you are going somewhere. Do not change your phone machine message telling the callers that you are away. Use timers that will turn on the lights and perhaps even the TV every evening. Ask your neighbors to go around your place from time to time. Make an impression that you are home, or at least that someone will be checking on your home every now and then.

Home security 101 – stuff everyone should know about1

2. Beef up your locks

When we are talking about locks here, we are actually talking about all of the physical barriers that you can use to make your home more impenetrable. It is more likely than not that your doors could be upgraded with steel doors with bolts that will make your home a dramatically more challenging break-in destination.

If you are not sure about the quality of your locks, then they could probably be upgraded as well. You can find some incredibly sturdy locks these days and you should go for them if you have the money. Also, remember that not just doors should be locked. It is always a good idea to install locks on the windows, garage doors, cellar doors and any other fixture that could be used as an entry point. Of course, it goes without saying that you will want to use the locks.

Home security 101 – stuff everyone should know about2

3. Think about an alarm system

If you do not have an alarm system installed in your home, then it is probably time to start thinking about it, at least. The good news is that you can get various types of alarm systems today, ranging in price and the protection provided. We have talked to professionals who work for a firm that does alarm monitoring in Brisbane and they told us to always get alarm systems from reputable security companies who do the installation and everything.

In addition to simple alarm system, you can also install outdoor motion sensors which will turn the light on if they notice any movement. These are very effective as they do away with what burglars love the most – dark.

4. Be smart

In addition to everything we have said, it is important that you always do the smart thing and avoid doing anything particularly harmful, security-wise. For instance, never try to hide your keys somewhere in the vicinity of the door. The burglars will know where to find them. Also, make sure that you put all of your security measures to good use.

Furthermore, make sure that you always prune the greenery around your home, doing away with possible hiding spots for the burglars. Joining the local watch group and talk to your neighbors to make sure no strange people have been lurking near your home.