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High Crime Rate: The 5 Worst Places to Retire

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One of the fundamental factors that ought to be taken into account when retiring abroad is the crime rates that are pertinent to the area you have in mind. The last thing you want is to be burgled in your new home—or to experience a violent crime which would prove to be worse still. Unfortunately, there are a good number of destinations in the world that are known to have very high rates of crime and these facts may or may not be available to the general public at large. This article helps you to recognize the parts of the world that may be popular with tourists and retirees, but are actually known to have unacceptably high crime rates.

High Crime Rate

High Crime Rate: The 5 Worst Places to Retire

1. South Africa

This really is a beautiful part of the world and it is such a shame that South Africa experiences phenomenally high rates of crime—especially so in Cape Town, Johannesburg and all other large cities. Indeed, it is known that there are many parts of these large cities which are considered to be complete no-go areas for tourists and ordinary members of the public. Many South Africans live in highly fortified and secure developments and this is due to the fact that crime (especially drug-related and murders) is totally out of control here now.

2. Brazil

Although the economy of Brazil is said to be booming, alas the police here and public authorities are not managing to keep control over crime rates. Rio de Janeiro is widely advertised for being a safe and beautiful place to travel to and this in turn may well attract people looking to retire to the area. One thing that is not reported as accurately as possible is the very fact that crime in this city is shockingly-high; again especially murders. Elsewhere in Brazil, crime rates are usually a little more realistic, but there are pockets of the country that should be avoided at all costs.

3. The ‘Costas del Crime’

The Spanish Costas have been given this moniker for a very good reason: many international criminals flood into the area and often continue their unlawful activities when they get there. Drug-related and gang-land crimes are very high in many Spanish resorts and it is essential for you to find out as much as you can about average crime statistics in the particular part of Spain you have in mind before retiring there. As is usually the case, you shouldn’t ever get involved with such dregs of society; however, it is always best to be safe rather than sorry!

4. Bulgaria

Even before Bulgaria joined the European Union, the Black Sea Riviera was becoming very popular with tourists. Now, as EU citizens enjoy the ‘right to roam’ between EU states, many people may be contemplating retiring to what is actually a very beautiful area. However, you need to know that there are terrible crime rates prevalent in Bulgaria. It is said that many of the main resorts in the country are owned by ‘mafia-style’ criminals and this leads to a part of the world that can be very dangerous indeed to settle in.

5. Jamaica

I feel that this Caribbean island is dangerously over-rated! Holiday brochures will fail to inform you of the true facts when it comes to Jamaica, so this will inevitably mean that retirees will look at the island to settle on as well. Jamaica is known to experience very high rates of crime and this is usually down to drug-related problems and even hate crimes that are fuelled due to religion being taken to far too much of an extreme. Many parts of Jamaica are no-go areas and single-sex couples should never think about retiring to Jamaica—their very lives would be in jeopardy if they choose to do so!
Some of the destinations featured on this list may come as a complete surprise to you—and if that’s the case, I’m glad your eyes have been opened to the fact that crime statistics can be very elusive for certain parts of the world. Wherever you’re thinking of retiring to, do yourself a huge favor and make sure you investigate the levels of crime before taking that final plunge.

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